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Announcing Ordergroove’s New Subscription App, Built Exclusively for Shopify Plus Merchants

Announcing Ordergroove's new subscription app exclusively built for Shopify Plus merchants.

“Like, magazine subscriptions, Greg?” This was the most consistent response that Greg Alvo, Ordergroove founder and CEO, heard early on when he first started Ordergroove. Fast forward to today, subscription is the fastest growing segment of commerce and COVID is only accelerating this trend. 

Given the accelerating demand for subscription, Shopify focused on creating subscription APIs that a few key partners have used to develop subscription apps that integrate with Shopify’s native checkout. After quarters of close collaboration with the Shopify team, we’re excited to announce that Ordergroove is now live with Shopify Payments and Shopify’s new subscription APIs as the only partner purposefully-built to support the unique needs of Shopify Plus merchants.

What was wrong with the old Shopify subscription apps?

Historically, Shopify merchants could support a subscription offering using apps that weren’t fully integrated with Shopify’s checkout. Hijacking Shopify’s checkout to support a subscription offering creates inconvenience for customers who are bounced around to different pages during the product purchase and checkout process. Just one point of friction can cause cart abandonment and increase customer acquisition costs.

Not to mention the headache it can cause to have to manage two distinct checkouts that require the behind-the-scenes duplication of everything, including:

  • Duplicate or separate payment processors
  • Replication of all promotional and marketing programs
  • Product catalog duplication

Shopify collaborates with a select group of vendors to create a better subscription offering for merchants

Over the past year, Shopify worked closely with a select group of partners in order to offer a better solution for Shopify merchants that reduces subscription management issues and provides an optimal experience for shoppers. As a result, merchants can better capitalize on the rapidly growing subscriptions market, which is projected to reach $478 billion by 2025. 

Legacy subscription apps that do not support the integrated checkout experience were delisted from the Shopify app store and new providers are required to meet the new standards announced by Shopify.

Why Ordergroove is the best option for Shopify Plus merchants

Here at Ordergroove, we’ve long recognized the benefits of an integrated checkout, which is why the offering has been a fundamental part of our platform since inception. All of our features and functions have been intentionally built since day one with an integrated checkout and Shopify Plus merchant requirements in mind.  Other apps built their features on a separate checkout, meaning they had to rebuild many capabilities in order to support an offering at parity with where they were previously.  

The needs of a Shopify Plus merchant are more complex, more advanced, and more critical to properly address.  In many cases, subscriptions and recurring revenue represents the majority of a merchant’s business. Your subscribers are your most profitable customer segment, so it’s important to get your subscription offering right. Ordergroove is several years ahead of other providers and has been battle tested through over 500 integrations with the world’s fastest-growing merchants.

This is part of Ordergroove’s continued commitment to be a best-in-class solution for Shopify Plus merchants. In addition to a trusted integrated checkout experience, Ordergroove offers the industry’s most cutting-edge subscription solution, including:

  • Advanced promotional capabilities – The most robust enrollment and retention promotions to build a successful subscription program from the start;
  • AI-powered personalization – The only AI-powered subscription platform on the market allows brands to personalize communication with subscribers – maximizing customer lifetime value and mitigating churn;
  • Easy and fast implementation – The best-in-class integrations with all major eCommerce platforms, including Shopify Plus;
  • Developer friendly framework and APIs – Allowing merchants to customize their subscription program to meet their specific needs and goals.

Ready to see if Ordergroove’s new subscription solution is right for you? Request a demo and see for yourself why Ordergroove is the best solution for Shopify Plus merchants.

Special thanks to our friends at OrderGroove for their insights on this topic.
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