Announcing Our WhatsApp Integration To Empower Businesses To Reach Customers No Matter Where They Are In The World


We live in an age of instant gratification. From news updates to food delivery, consumers can receive whatever they want instantaneously and the patience they once had for hold times is no longer existent. Consumers expect a convenient, speedy response to their questions, without having to jump through hoops – all on the channels they prefer.

According to recent Kustomer research, 89% of consumers think contacting customer service should be easier and more convenient and 64% enjoy talking to customer service via the same channels they communicate with family and friends on. Businesses must equip themselves with tools that allow them to deliver efficient omnichannel solutions and meet consumers’ instant-grat appetites. With now more than 2.5 billion active WhatsApp users globally – we’re excited to share our latest product update, the launch of our native WhatsApp integration.

Introducing WhatsApp by Kustomer

Our best-in-class, no-code WhatsApp integration can be set up in a single click and enables businesses to harness the power of Kustomer’s CRM data in concert with WhatsApp, without sacrificing WhatsApp feature sophistication. With the integration, brands will be able to do everything they normally do through the WhatsApp Business API and more. From sending proactive order updates to providing 1:1 care, WhatsApp functions not only as a critical channel for customer service, but also one for brands to double down on e-commerce efforts.

If half of winning is showing up, successful companies need to meet customers wherever they are, whenever they can. Our WhatsApp integration will arm brands with the Swiss army knife of channels so they can go beyond the typical customer service experience.

Transform Your Business With a WhatsApp Integration Powered by Kustomer CRM Data

Businesses have wanted to connect their WhatsApp Business accounts with the Kustomer platform to deliver customer support services in an efficient and simple way. With the launch of our WhatsApp integration, you will now be able to augment your customer support in the following ways:

Proactively Reach Out to Customers

Don’t wait for your customers to make the first move. Use WhatsApp Message Templates to proactively reach out to your customers. What’s more, you can use message templates directly within Kustomer.  

When done correctly, brands that can master the right mix of technology and agent skill set will be able to delight customers with seamless experiences between marketing, sales and support to leverage proactive messaging as a potential revenue driver for their business.

Work Smarter Without Sacrificing Support Quality

Many organizations now have limited resources and staff at their disposal due to the current macroeconomic environment. When you pair that with a high volume of support inquiries, it’s clear that businesses are facing an efficiency mandate.

Our WhatsApp integration works with Kustomer’s powerful automation capabilities, so you can automatically route WhatsApp conversations, configure workflows, deploy our powerful Conversational Assistant, and use dynamic text to add a personalized touch to all WhatsApp conversations.

Deploy WhatsApp Chatbots for Seamless Self-Service

Consumers have an increasing appetite for self-service – in fact, 81% of customers prefer to resolve issues on their own before reaching out to an agent. With an overwhelming amount of customers turning to self-service support, Kustomer made sure that our very own Conversational Assistant works seamlessly with WhatsApp.

With our WhatsApp Conversational Assistant, you can empower users to self-serve with button navigation, understand customer questions through AI, arm customers with order updates, and seamlessly handover chatbot-powered WhatsApp conversations to a live agent. What’s more, we’ve put our own spin on beloved WhatsApp features such as WhatsApp chatbot buttons, so you can power up to 10 buttons of your choosing to help customers get the information they need in a single tap, use callable workflows to carry out refunds, or automate anything you desire through your integrated 3rd party APIs.

What’s Included?

Below is an expanded list of feature benefits that are now available with the launch of our native WhatsApp integration. We look forward to enabling businesses to take full advantage of all existing WhatsApp and Kustomer features to deliver enriched, seamless customer support.

  • Setup Guide: Get started with WhatsApp in a pinch with our in-platform setup guide.
  • Multiple WhatsApp Business Accounts: Link up to 10 WhatsApp business accounts with the ability to link up to 25 unique phone numbers per WhatsApp business account. 
  • Kustomer Billing: Get complete WhatsApp billing transparency directly in the Kustomer billing UI. View current usage and spend. 
  • Kustomer Reporting: View WhatsApp metrics in the standard Conversation report. 
  • Workflows: Use WhatsApp actions to automate processes through workflows. For example, automatically perform a refund or cancellation.
  • Queues and Routing: Automatically route relevant agents to user-initiated WhatsApp conversations to ensure customers get timely responses.
  • Message Templates: Send WhatsApp messaging templates so you can proactively reach out to customers through WhatsApp. 
  • Dynamic Text within Message Templates: Update dynamic text within WhatsApp business-initiated messages, directly through Kustomer. Our dynamic text fields link to WhatsApp attributes so you can add a personalized touch to your WhatsApp interactions by adding critical customer information such as the customer’s name. 
  • WhatsApp Chatbot Deflection: Use our Conversational Assistant in concert with WhatsApp to fuel CRM-powered article deflection, order updates, feedback collection, and so much more.  
  • Multimedia Support: Send and receive images and emojis.

Start Our 14-Day Free Trial & See the Integration in Action

Seeing is believing. Learn how Kustomer can help you deliver exceptional experiences across modern messaging channels like WhatsApp. We now offer a free, 14-day trial so you can see firsthand all of the product updates mentioned above. Start today.

Special thanks to our friends at Kustomer for their insights on this topic.
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