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Announcing Perfect Push Notifications — Built to Inspire Your Next Campaign



Despite being a new marketing channel, web push notifications have been adopted by tens of thousands of Shopify stores. But, for new merchants who are unfamiliar with the channel, starting to create powerful web push campaigns is not easy because many merchants themselves have not received marketing web push from industries that are similar to the one they are operating in. 

We are changing this by making successful web push campaigns easy to access, showing how other Shopify merchants use the channel to promote sales, launch new products, and generate revenue. That’s why we created Perfect Push Notifications.

Perfect Push Notifications is a library of real-world notifications sent by Shopify merchants.  

  • See how top eCommerce brands use this marketing channel. 
  • View the different types of campaigns sent across industries— art, beauty, electronics, fashion, food, health, and vape.
  • Understand the different copywriting styles used by different online stores.
  • See how different merchants use their hero images.
  • Pick up ideas to set up a brilliant web push strategy.

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Giving credit where it’s due

We, at PushOwl, are just curators of these notifications. In our process of finding great web push campaigns, we’ve been able to witness how thoughtfully online stores have been able to put together their campaigns. 

Behind each curated notification, there is a team of creative people who think about each word and emoji and creative they use to shape the perfect voice for their brand. With the attention of consumers being so limited, it’s inspiring to see how brands make marketing more human.

What’s next?

This version of Perfect Push Notifications is far from perfect. There are a lot of different functionalities and features we need to implement to make it more useful for viewers. For now, we’re focused on growing this library, keeping an eye out for high-converting and creative campaigns, and adding more categories to cater to different types of online stores.

If you think your web push notifications are worth mentioning, drop us a mail to [email protected] and we’ll get in touch.

This article originally appeared in the PushOwl blog and has been published here with permission.

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