Product Discovery has never been more critical to eCommerce growth. Connecting shoppers to relevant products is the difference between success and failure for Shopify merchants, and the key to connection is real-time, session-aware personalized recommendations.

Successful product discovery relies on showing visitors the right products, at the right time, and in the right place. Getting this balance right, however, requires obsessive management, with every step considered and planned. Whether it’s welcoming a first-time buyer with your best sellers or motivating a returning customer to complete their purchase, getting the combination of products right requires a smart, automated product recommendation tool. That’s why we’re announcing Recommend.

Recommend re-imagines conventional product recommendation campaigns on Shopify. It’s an algorithmic, self-learning, ‘always on’, visual merchandising solution that enables the automatic orchestration of multiple different types of product recommendation strategies – across your entire Shopify storefront experience.

Example of personalized product recommendations on Shopify

Choose from dozens of pre-built recommendation templates, use the simple ‘no-code’ editor to keep the visual design on brand, then preview and go live in minutes. Create highly relevant – session-aware – recommendation experiences for every type of visitor and customer you have.

HiConversion Recommend is powered by Amazon Personalize, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) capability that enables developers to build applications based on the same machine learning technology used by for real-time personalized recommendations – no machine learning expertise required.

Drive storefront engagement and conversions across the whole customer lifecycle, all within a single solution. For example, you can:

  • Delight first-time visitors: Start by surfacing your best sellers, trending or most highly rated products for new visitors. Then keep them engaged with the latest deals, before reminding them of their recently viewed products.
  • Motivate returning shoppers: Help them re-start a purchase or offer them a personalized promotion to inspire them to check out.
  • Influence every customer to buy more: Upsell or cross sell directly in the cart and checkout to show buyers relevant additions to their selection.

The product recommendation opportunities are countless – there’s nothing else in the market that allows for your website merchandising to be as relevant, contextual, and dynamic as HiConversion Recommend powered by Amazon Personalize.

Increase your revenue reach on Shopify with Recommend

At HiConversion, we’ve been providing Personalization and Optimization solutions for eCommerce brands since 2006, even creating a community around it. In 2020, we became an inaugural member of the Shopify Plus Certified App Program – apps hand-selected for their quality and ability to solve complex merchant needs.

While we had early success, partnering with new brands, we began to observe a large, underserved problem in the Shopify ecosystem: product discovery.

And we heard about all the different ways our customers we’re trying to solve for it. Researching all the existing solutions, we saw a common theme. Many have machine learning systems and rule-based logic – but nearly all were designed for the customers you already knew: Repeat buyers.

“90% of your visitors will never buy from you”

Repeat customers, as we all know, are the bedrock of retention and loyalty (buzz term: Customer Lifetime Value). However, on average this only accounts for around 10% of your visitor traffic. So, what about the unserved majority of your visitors?

HiConversion Recommend visual editor

The result is Recommend – now, you can automate your personalized product recommendations into adaptive merchandising campaigns. With a simple visual builder that opens up all the flexibility and context that the HiConversion platform provides, so all your recommendations can be orchestrated across the buying journey. Moreover, now you can gather insights into how customers are engaging with your recommendation’s campaigns with live visual reports.

What makes HiConversion Recommend different?

While other product recommendation tools are effectively passive solutions trained on historic customer data, Recommend – powered by Amazon Personalize – allows you to leverage active, in-session data based on all your visitors’ (repeat and new) live shopping behavior. Best of all, the appropriate recommendation strategies can be triggered in contextual response to visitor actions, at the times most likely to influence the desired outcome.

🧠 Smarter, Real-Time Recommendations

Transform your Shopify storefront into a 24/7 self-learning product discovery engine. With Recommend, you’ll never miss an opportunity to show your visitors products they’ll love.

Example screenshot of HiConversion's product recommendation dashboard

In lots of apps on the market, this sort of dynamic merchandising is difficult. Only Recommend brings all kinds of product recommendations together, anywhere on your website and across the entire buying journey.

Imagine now your available ‘Recommendation Real-Estate’:

  • Homepages
  • Landing Pages
  • Category & Collection Pages
  • Product Pages
  • Cart & Mini-Cart Pages
  • Checkout Pages
  • Confirmation Pages
  • Etc.

🛒 Automatically Connect More Persuadable Visitors With Your Products

Showing the same product selections to most or all of your visitors is the opposite of personalized. It’s critical that you take the steps to carefully identify who you should show which products to.

This is where HiConversion’s exceptional, granular targeting capabilities really benefit you. When creating merchandising campaigns with Recommend, you have the unique ability to connect more influenceable shoppers to your most relevant products – all without needing any historic data.

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This smart targeting keeps recommendations contextually relevant – and relevance is the difference between delightfully personal recommendations versus recommendations that feel generic or too salesy.

The result is greater shopper engagement, more conversions, and increasingly higher revenue per visitor.

💗 Intelligent Merchandising That’s Easy To Measure

While going live with product recommendations on Shopify has never been easier, how do you know if it’s really adding to your bottom line? Many apps promise you increased conversions, but if your precious margins are taking a hit with every new sale, you could be in dire straits sooner than you think.

With Recommend, you get detailed, transparent and live reporting. You’ll not only see the comparison of your personalized recommendations vs your regular site, but a whole host of eCommerce KPIs – from Time on Site and Engagement to Revenue per Visitor and Average Order Value.

Line chart illustrating eCommerce sales growth influenced by HiConversion Recommend

How well does Recommend perform? Our early adopters have been gracious in sharing very positive feedback about the benefits they’re already seeing. As the team at Synergee, puts it: “If you are looking to replicate the Amazon product discovery experience on your own site to influence more conversions and sales, this is the app for you.”

You’ll quickly see why they evangelize adding as many product recommendations as you can to your site!”

Above is just a taste of what Recommend offers – contextual and relevant personalized product recommendations across your whole Shopify storefront. As a shopper, there’s nothing worse than landing on a brand’s site and being greeted by a stale, irrelevant experience.

Don’t be that brand. Make your on-site merchandising engaging, relevant, and personalized by respectfully guiding your customers’ in the right direction. With Recommend, it’s never been easier to connect your shoppers with the right products, at the right place and at the right time.

P.S. Thanks to AWS team for their continued support and partnership…