[Announcing] The Commerce Experience Certification Program By Nosto


At Nosto, it’s always been part of our philosophy that our customers’ success is our success. The entire idea of Nosto was first born out of an idea meant to help ecommerce brands create more impactful and valuable commerce experiences for their shoppers. Over the past ten years, that idea has grown and sparked new ideas that culminated in the creation of the Commerce Experience Platform. Today, we find ourselves partnering with some of the largest ecommerce brands in the world to help bring the most authentic, personal shopping experiences possible to the market with our platform built to do just that. The power of our platform and the strength of the philosophy that guides it are the core of who we are as an organization, but we believe that everything that surrounds that core is just as valuable.

We’re excited to announce the Commerce Experience Certification Program. This new program is the product of months of work from the Nosto team attempting to bring our industry expertise to the forefront of who we are in the eyes of the market. Based on onsite customer journey best practices from years of aggregate data and the minds of industry leaders who are now part of the Nosto team, the Commerce Experience Certification Program is built to test the skills and capabilities of ecommerce professionals when it comes to crafting commerce experiences.

The Commerce Experience Certification Program consists of a series of on-demand courses called The Nosto Academy, two-half-day interactive virtual workshops, and a final assignment to prove participants’ comprehension of the material.

The program entails:

  • Hands-on practical training with each product both at your own pace with the on-demand courses and guided by a Nosto Commerce Experience Specialist during the workshops
  • Exposure to more advanced use cases based on your Customer Journey Touchpoints and selected business KPIs
  • Real-life examples of impactful solutions and successful strategies built with Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform
  • An opportunity to learn from peers by joining a group of ecommerce professionals 
  • Tailored input and feedback on your own business objectives and challenges

When ecommerce professionals complete the course, not only will they be a certified Commerce Experience Expert but they will be capable of masterfully applying their skills to engage shoppers at first-touch, drive product discovery, create trust and urgency, derive value from each interaction, and facilitate loyalty across the onsite customer journey.

The Commerce Experience Certification Program is currently only available to Nosto customers. The Nosto Academy is free for all existing customers while the interactive virtual workshop is available for a fee. Interactive virtual workshops will be held on the second Tuesday and Thursday of every month starting in August and will have limited seats available. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or you can reach out to those managing the program at [email protected]

Special thanks to our friends at Nosto for their insights on this topic.
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