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Announcing The New And Improved LoyaltyLion Agency Partner Program


We’re really excited to bring you our new and improved Agency Partner Program!

At LoyaltyLion, we believe that retention is the key to sustainable ecommerce growth, and we want to do everything we can to help you realize this benefit for your clients too. 

That’s why our new tiered program offers our valued agency partners a clear journey to working more closely with LoyaltyLion and access to new benefits and revenue opportunities. We’ve also added more incentives to thank our agency partners for driving mutual customer success with LoyaltyLion. 

By meeting the requirements of each tier, you’ll unlock a range of opportunities, including co-marketing, lead-sharing, access to priority support and much more.

Why partner with LoyaltyLion?

At LoyaltyLion, partnerships are important to us. We see the great value in working closely with our agency partners to help clients drive repeat business and increase their customer lifetime value. LoyaltyLion agency partners have helped thousands of merchants create loyalty programs that go beyond points and rewards, driving customer retention and more cost-effective acquisition through better customer relationships.

“Our partnership mission is to work collaboratively with our agency partners, providing them with all the enablement content, dedicated support, and exposure they require to grow, as well as offer the best loyalty solution for their clients”.

Jason Bell, Director of Partnerships

What’s new in the LoyaltyLion Agency Partner Program?

We wanted to enhance our Agency Partner Program in a way that allows us to give back to our partners. So we’ve added new partner tiers and more benefits to our 

program to thank you for the value that you drive to our partnership. 

Our new partner program offers three levels of partnership: Registered, Gold and Platinum. 

By meeting the requirements of each tier, you’ll unlock a range of benefits and opportunities to work with the LoyaltyLion team. Our Gold and Platinum tier partners will be prioritized to access more benefits, including priority support, co-marketing opportunities, lead-sharing and more. 

All partner tiers will be able to access our revenue share benefit when referring clients.

We know that not all clients and partners are the same, so as part of our new program we’re offering three revenue share options:

  • Partners will receive a 20% revenue share on all closed deals that are referred by the agency partner
  • Alternatively, partners can opt to give 20% discount directly to their client
  • Or opt for 10% revenue share for the partner, and 10% discount for their client

For a detailed description of the benefits and requirements of the program, and our new tier structure, take a look at our Agency Partner Program guide.

Who is the new LoyaltyLion Agency Partner Program for?

Our program is for:

  • Ecommerce agencies and consultants looking for a loyalty and retention solution that helps merchants increase AOV, purchase frequency and CLTV
  • This program is not currently available for LoyaltyLion technology partners 

Want to learn more? 

Want to become a LoyaltyLion agency partner or have a question? Get in touch with our partnerships team for more information.

Special thanks to our friends at LoyaltyLion for their insights on this topic.
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