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Announcing The Yotpo Loyalty & Omnisend Integration


Building on our stellar integration with Yotpo Reviews, which allows ecommerce merchants to identify and segment their customers that have left reviews, Omnisend is proud to announce our new Yotpo Loyalty integration available for all Omnisend customers.

Yotpo Loyalty is a powerful marketing platform that helps brands maximize the lifetime value of their customers. Brands can build customized loyalty programs that incentivize everything from repeat purchases to referrals to social shares.

The Omnisend and Yotpo Loyalty integration is the most robust integration of any email service provider currently available. It helps brands using the Yotpo Loyalty app to sync their customers’ loyalty profiles in real-time and send emails whenever an action is triggered like earning points or entering/exiting a VIP tier.

They’ll be able to easily reward their most loyal customers with coupons, discounts, tier-based programs, and other loyalty campaigns.

3 ways to boost loyalty and sales with the Omnisend & Yotpo Loyalty integration

Let’s look at some of the best ways that brands can use the new integration to help boost loyalty in their stores.

Send special discounts when customers complete actions or redeem points

In order to get shoppers to become buyers, and buyers to become loyal customers, you need to incentivize them at every step of your funnel. Yotpo Loyalty makes this easy by allowing you to add loyalty options to help increase your conversion rates and move shoppers further down the funnel.

Now, with the Yotpo Loyalty and Omnisend integration, you can reward your customers with a great offer or coupon code for completing certain actions. If a shopper signs up for your newsletter you can send them a unique, automatically generated coupon code to incentivize them to buy from you for the first time. Other rewardable actions include:

  • Leaving a product review
  • Sharing a post on social media
  • Spending a certain amount in your store
  • Visiting a particular page, like a blog post or even a social media profile

If you want to reward a different action, Yotpo Loyalty also lets you create a custom action of your choice.

Rewards aren’t just limited to new buyers. When existing customers redeem their loyalty points they can receive a discount code, free products, unique experiences, a charitable donation, or anything else you want to give them.

Give your customers a special birthday or anniversary gift

Make special days more special with Yotpo Loyalty and Omnisend’s integration. Here, you can congratulate your customers and award them extra loyalty points or discount coupons.

The anniversary campaign allows you to offer a special reward on your shoppers’ anniversaries or the date they joined your loyalty program, while the birthday campaign simply requires customers to share their date of birth when signing up.

Both of these campaigns make your loyalty program a more personal experience and, as expected with Yotpo Loyalty, are highly customizable. You have full control over the backend settings, choosing who qualifies and what they receive, as well as the text your buyers see on the rewards popup. This way, your campaigns can be perfectly on-brand and provide a consistent experience for your customers.

Motivate customers to become VIPs

VIP tiers enable different rewards to be unlocked at different levels, encouraging your shoppers to continue earning loyalty points.

You can incentivize your shoppers to take specific action such as reaching a spending threshold, referring a friend, or promoting your business on social media. In return, they’ll receive VIP perks of your choosing—like discounts or unique experiences.

This creates a win-win program for you and your customers, with you benefiting from growth and your customers benefiting from the rewards. It’s also possible to link VIP tiers with birthday and anniversary campaigns, with rewards specific to each level.

With full control over the VIP program, you can decide the tiers, how long members remain in a tier, and the downgrade policy. Then send out automated messages letting your customers know that they’ve reached a VIP status or level, or that they’ve leveled up.

Getting started

Brands that use Omnisend and Yotpo Loyalty can send tailored, segmented messages on all of Omnisend’s communications channels including email and SMS. These messages can be automated, ensuring they’re always sent to the right person at the right time.

Yotpo Loyalty is available in the Omnisend App Market with simple step-by-step instructions.

Special thanks to our friends at Omnisend for their insights on this topic.
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