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Aspire Wins G2 Leader For 11 Consecutive Quarters


As the pioneering SaaS tool for consumer brands, Aspire is thrilled to announce the 11th consecutive quarter of maintaining G2 Leader Status! 

This is the highest accolade you can receive in the G2 quarterly software platform rankings, and we’re proud to celebrate over 2 years of being a leading influencer marketing platform for high-growth ecommerce brands.

First things first, we want to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to our amazing community of brands that left countless positive reviews and feedback on G2 — this wouldn’t be possible without you. We’re proud of this accolade, but more so honored by the jaw-dropping results our clients have generated through us. 

2021 Highlights 

At a glance…

  • Purple generated a 386% campaign ROI with the help of creators found on Aspire’s marketplace 
  • European Wax Center measured a 450% campaign ROI and 40% engagement via Aspire’s Analytics tools
  • SKINN Cosmetics built over 100 new influencer relationships through a seeding campaign on Aspire
  • Mountain Rose Herbs automated each affiliate relationship through Aspire’s custom workflow and drove over $330K in revenue as a result

Purple Generates a 386% Campaign ROI from Aspire’s Creator Marketplace

By tapping Aspire’s diverse creator marketplace, Purple was able to connect with a wide array of talented voices — ranging from musicians and actors, to photographers and animators — to launch an innovative campaign showcasing how the premium mattress benefits the lives of so many different people.

“This year, we brought our popular Purple Plus mattress to the US market and helped aid that launch through our influencer campaign through Aspire. We wanted to highlight a wide range of creators from different verticals and backgrounds to showcase this comfortable, premium mattress and found all partnerships through Aspire. We achieved a 386% ROI through this campaign. We love the diverse types of creators we are able to pull into our campaigns through the Aspire marketplace; it truly makes for a well-rounded campaign.”

– Megan Crow, Senior Influencer Marketing Manager at Purple

European Wax Center Measures 450% ROI Through Aspire Analytics

During the thick of the pandemic, European Wax Center ran a Holidays & Hygiene campaign on TikTok and Instagram to educate consumers on the increased hygiene measures that each of its salons had made. The brand worked with influencers who had applied organically through Aspire’s Creator Marketplace and was able to attract new customers who wanted to treat themselves to a safe self-care day. Leveraging the Analytics tool on Aspire, European Wax Center measured 450% ROI and 40% engagement, exceeding expectations.

“Aspire is just heaven-sent for helping you see a single campaign’s success and also viewing all campaigns holistically. Being able to see everything from ROI to engagement to impressions is very helpful for letting us share out to our broader team how campaigns are doing in a way they understand, as well as showing what content and creators perform best for our brand.”

– Kara Salazar, Manager of Social Media and Influencer Marketing at European Wax Center

SKINN Builds 100+ Influencer Relationships Through Product Seeding

To stretch a small budget, SKINN Cosmetics decided to bet on influencer product seeding in hopes of spreading positive word-of-mouth at little expense. SKINN was able to not only find 100+ well-aligned creators using Aspire’s many influencer discovery features, but also keep track of each relationship via our relationship management tool. Because of the smooth workflow, the brand has been able to easily identify those who love SKINN and build deeper relationships with them. 


“Aspire has indeed helped us scale by a level of automation – but on the flip side – it has also helped us develop more genuine relationships. It gives us the ability to organize and keep track of these relationships so we can scale while still maintaining the ability to be personal and human.”

– Jessica Selfridge, Social Media, Brand, & Influencer Partnerships Specialist at SKINN Cosmetics

Mountain Rose Herbs Drives $330K in Affiliate Sales With Aspire’s Custom Workflow

Mountain Rose Herbs used Aspire to implement an affiliate onboarding page on the company website, which has allowed the brand to organically find customers, professional herbal educators, and real brand fans to turn into affiliate partners. Leveraging Aspire’s custom workflow, the brand is able to respond quickly to each affiliate, set up automatic affiliate payments, and easily approve content. This incredibly successful strategy has allowed the brand to bring in over $330,000 in affiliate sales. 

“Aspire’s hybrid approach to influencer and affiliate marketing makes their platform the best available, especially in an always changing partnership landscape. Aspire has also been crucial in the implementation of our new affiliate program. Their helpful and knowledgeable staff worked hand-in-hand with us to launch the program and continue to provide stellar support when it comes to scaling our initiatives and learning best practices.” 

– Jessicka Nebesni, Marketing Strategist at Mountain Rose Herbs

Want to learn how you can achieve similar results? Book a demo to get a full walkthrough of Aspire.

Special thanks to our friends at AspireIQ for their insights on this topic.
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