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Astound Digital And Shopify Announce Strategic Partnership To Boost Outcomes For Retail Brands

Astound Digital And Shopify Announce Strategic Partnership To Boost Outcomes For Retail Brands

The partnership gives Astound Digital customers access to industry-leading technology with lower total cost of ownership, higher conversion rates, and unparalleled innovation.

Astound Digital and Shopify have entered a strategic partnership rooted in a shared vision of delivering exceptional customer experiences and tangible business outcomes for retail brands.

Shopify and Astound Digital are aligned on innovation

Astound Digital, a global leader in creating digital experiences for some of the world’s most respected brands, has become a key player in digital commerce. Specializing in services ranging from systems integration to design partnerships and performance marketing, and most importantly, serving as a business strategy partner to their clients, Astound has built a strong reputation for providing comprehensive solutions to enterprise retail brands.

An innovator in the commerce space since their inception, Astound Digital sought to expand their portfolio of partnerships with a technology platform that would match and complement their priority on innovation. Shopify, with our billions invested in commerce R&D, hundreds of new features and enhancements each year, and “leader” status in reports such as the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ and 2024 IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise B2C Digital Commerce, fit the bill.

“The innovation that we want to bring to our clients to help them differentiate their businesses and deliver great experiences to customers is supported really well by the continued evolution and roadmap that the Shopify platform has,” said Vanessa Cartwright, Astound Digital President, NA & UK.

Unlocking better business outcomes with Shopify

In addition to innovation, Astound Digital is excited to be able to offer a better total cost of ownership and increased conversions to their current and prospective clients through Shopify, especially in the current macroeconomic climate.

“A lot of our customers are trying to make sure that they get great ROI for their technology and partner investments,” said Vanessa. “The fact that [Shopify] can deliver low total cost of ownership to customers, that’s fantastic. When you take a look at how Shopify converts, you can see some really impressive results there, and we see that coming through from our clients who are using the Shopify platform.”

A large part of what makes those outcomes possible, said Vanessa, is the reduced friction that retail brands can enjoy on Shopify.

“We can see conversion rate increases, overall revenue increases, average order value increases — [Shopify] can drive the right outcomes. It’s also all the associated pieces like [Shopify’s] ease of use and a less friction-full experience… enabling efficiency in terms of running promotions, merchandising, and more.”

Consistent, frictionless experiences are top of mind

Commerce is also continually evolving. What started with just a single-channel has turned into multiple channels and avenues through which consumers can buy. Retail brands need to unify these channels in order to provide a consistent, frictionless experience for their customers. This, said Vanessa, is “where the Shopify platform really delivers value to customers.”

Shopify’s mission to make commerce better for everyone is the fuel that drives our innovations, and it’s also what’s driving more market interest in Shopify than ever before.

“Shopify is experiencing steady market growth and moving rapidly into the enterprise,” said Aoife Dowling, Head of Global Agency Group Partnerships at Shopify. “With more enterprise brands making the decision to move to Shopify, there’s now this beautiful overlap on the Venn diagram where Shopify and Astound Digital can come together and deliver amazing experiences for our shared customers.”

As Astound Digital and Shopify embark on this transformative partnership, the stage is set for a new era of innovation and growth in the digital commerce space. By combining Astound Digital’s expertise in digital commerce with Shopify’s leading unified commerce platform, the companies look forward to driving sustainable growth and results for their shared customers for years to come.

This article originally appeared on Shopify Web Design and Development and is available here for further discovery.
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