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3 Benefits Of Using Apple Pay To Buy Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have become at the forefront of developments and technological advancements, providing payment and financial assets to grow someone’s wealth.

Nowadays, clients are expected to pay with Bitcoin on multiple websites, platforms, and e-commerce shops, where all you need to do is use your digital wallet.

Apple Corporation strives to power its devices with the best payment systems that ensure convenience and security, aligning with decentralized payment methods.

Apple device users have found themselves among the first ones who could buy with BTC using their Apple Wallet. But how secure is it? And what are the features of buying cryptos using an iPhone? Let’s explain.

Buying BTC with Apple Pay Technology 

Apple Inc. is known for incorporating the most advanced technology that provides convenience to its clients, whether a payment system, cloud storage, or digital wallets. 

Apple Pay is a payment system embedded in the company’s devices, such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple Watch. This considerable tech stack requires advanced security and safety protocols. Users can pay at any point of sale using a contactless method through a built-in digital wallet in their devices.

The e-wallet is attached to users’ credit cards, facilitating transactions by communication between Apple Wallet and the issuing bank. This technology has been developed to accommodate Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies.

Users can store BTC, BCH, and DOGE coins in their wallets, allowing them to pay with decentralized money to buy goods and services. 

Apple utilizes its sophisticated technological capabilities to make buying cryptos with Apple Pay convenient and safe. The company deploys multiple security layers to protect users’ data and money. Every payment is only initiated after a fingerprint or face recognition verification.

Additionally, every wallet is safeguarded by the device’s security method, such as face ID, fingerprint, and passcode. Apple users have used this technology to pay for goods and services for years, with rare reports of fraud or data breaches.

Platforms Compatible with Apple Technology

Regarding cryptocurrencies, multiple platforms add advanced crypto payment gateways to facilitate Apple Pay's acquisition of crypto coins, tokens, and stablecoins. Here are the top 3 platforms that feature this wallet.

  • Binance: The largest crypto exchange with a wide range of crypto investments. The company has expanded its offerings by integrating Apple technology to buy Bitcoin and engage in different staking pools.
  • Coinbase is a leading crypto exchange for peer-to-peer transactions. It allows users to directly interact to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat money. The platform has added Apple Pay as a payment option for acquiring BTC
  • BitPay: BitPay is a global leader in crypto payment solutions, using its credit card and digital wallet. This company allows Apple devices to use their digital wallets to purchase and store cryptos.

The Benefits of Buying Bitcoin with Apple Pay

There are different ways to buy and store cryptocurrencies, and Apple has proven its worth as a solid option to get your first cryptocurrencies while enjoying the following advantages.

Global Coverage

Apple devices are the leading smartphones and tablet computers in the world. Over 40 million users can purchase products and services using Apple's contactless payment technology.

This minimizes the impact of exchange rates when transacting with a platform in different currencies.

Advanced Security Measures

Apple devices are regarded as highly safe smartphones, and the company has been introducing multiple ways to track and secure your device, lock it remotely, and protect it with various security layers.

This increases the security of your funds and personal data. Apple’s digital wallet stores your funds without revealing your credit card and banking details, promoting the safety of your financial information.

Great Interoperability

Apple devices are known for their convenience. Users can use cross-device utility to pay with the same e-wallet using their smartphone or smartwatch without switching accounts or compromising their security.

Online stores and internet platforms widely accept Apple Wallet to process transactions, whether using fiat money or cryptocurrencies.


Apple Pay allows users to buy and store cryptocurrencies, promoting the utility of decentralized payments and investments through your phone. Using robust security measures and elevated utility, iPhone users can transact on different platforms through their Apple Wallet to pay with cryptocurrencies.

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