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15 Best Amazon PPC Experts To Boost Your eCommerce Strategy

Amazon has undeniably become a colossal force in the eCommerce landscape.

With a staggering revenue of $386.06 billion in 2020, showcasing a 38% increase from the previous year, it's evident that the platform's influence is monumental. This growth isn't just about the numbers; it's about the vast marketplace that Amazon has cultivated, where millions of sellers and buyers converge. 

15 Best Amazon PPC Experts to Boost Your Sales

Within this bustling marketplace, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns play a pivotal role. A well-executed strategy can significantly boost product visibility, drive sales, and increase a brand's market share. However, navigating the platform's intricacies requires expertise, and that's where Amazon PPC experts come into play.

1. Alexej Pikovsky

  • Company: NUOPTIMA
  • Specialization: Amazon Advertising, SEO, PPC
  • Based in: London, United Kingdom
  • LinkedIn Profile: /alexej-pikovsky

Alexej Pikovsky's journey in the corporate world started in the high-stakes realm of mergers and acquisitions at Nomura in London, where he quickly showcased his prowess in the financial sector. However, the entrepreneurial bug bit him, and in the subsequent four years, he ventured into building and scaling a marketplace, an agency, and a consumer brand. His creation, NUOPTIMA, a seven-figure SEO agency, became a significant part of his business portfolio.

Under Pikovsky's leadership, NUOPTIMA has emerged as a revenue-focused SEO, Amazon PPC, and marketing company that stands out for its results-driven approach. They have assisted businesses like GlycanAge in achieving a 1,364% traffic growth and aiding the 96North Candle Brand realize a 350% sales increase, taking their revenue from $300k to a staggering $1.2m at a 12% TACoS. 

Pikovsky's expertise isn't just limited to the digital marketing realm. He has a proven track record in agency acquisition, having completed over $7bn+ in M&A and financing deals. Plus, he has reviewed over 500 companies and led investments and exits at various esteemed institutions. 

2. Dmitry Savitsky

  • Company: NUOPTIMA
  • Specialization: PPC, Amazon Advertising
  • Based in: N/A
  • LinkedIn Profile: N/A

At the helm of NUOPTIMA's Amazon PPC division is Dmitry Savitsky, who brings a unique blend of expertise and strategy to the table, ensuring that clients get the most out of their ad investments. His approach highlights his commitment and profound grasp of advertising. By assisting customers in their PPC endeavors, he ensures that every campaign is optimized for success, maximizing returns and driving conversions.

NUOPTIMA's work, with Savitsky's support, can be vividly seen in their case study with HEX Performance. This collaboration resulted in remarkable growth, an increase in 15k+ PPC product orders, and 32.2 million ad impressions, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their strategies. 

Hence, brands looking to elevate their presence on the platform would greatly benefit from Savitsky and NUOPTIMA's knowledge of Amazon PPC. His proven track record, combined with his strategic insights, ensures that brands gain visibility and achieve sustainable growth. 

3. Dmitry Goliak

  • Company: NUOPTIMA
  • Specialization: Product Development, Amazon PPC
  • Based in: Reston, USA
  • LinkedIn Profile: /dmitrii-goliak

Dmitry Goliak is involved in new product development and is an Amazon PPC Manager at NUOPTIMA. His role is not just about managing PPC campaigns; it's about understanding the intricacies of the Amazon marketplace, identifying opportunities, and leveraging them to ensure products gain visibility and convert effectively. 

One example of his success is his work with Perfect Image, a skincare brand; the results of his expertise are evident. The company needed to grapple with an ACoS above 65% and relatively low sales figures. However, under the guidance of NUOPTIMA, where Goliak played a key role, the brand witnessed a staggering 70% increase in sales while reducing its ACoS by 30% in just two months.

Furthermore, the strategy employed for Perfect Image involved cleaning up the PPC account by removing underperforming campaigns, restructuring existing ones, and creating new, optimized listings targeting high-yielding keywords. This methodology, combined with a deep dive into niche and historical PPC analysis, ensured that ads were optimized for visibility and conversions. Hence, Goliak's approach to PPC is both strategic and analytical.

4. Oleg Chizhevskiy

  • Company: NUOPTIMA
  • Specialization: PPC, Amazon
  • Based in: Vantaa, Finland
  • LinkedIn Profile: /oleg-chizhevskiy

With a rich tapestry of experience woven over the years, Oleg Chizhevskiy has been instrumental in helping numerous brands find their footing and soar on the Amazon platform. His deep understanding of the eCommerce landscape and innovative strategies have consistently positioned brands for success, making him a sought-after expert in the Amazon marketplace arena.

Chizhevskiy managed Amazon businesses for over a decade, but he now specializes in PPC at NUOPTIMA. Throughout his career, he has played a crucial role in introducing products and driving growth for US and UK companies. These brands span a wide spectrum in terms of their sales volumes, ranging from those clocking $50k monthly sales to those that dominate their categories with staggering figures exceeding $10 million. 

One business he has helped since joining NUOPTIMA is LinkyThinks, a brand specializing in educational learning tools and games for children. Under Chizhevskiy’s guidance, they underwent a transformative listing refresh on Amazon. The results were nothing short of spectacular. Within 50 days of the overhaul, the company witnessed a whopping 41% surge in its conversion rate. To put this into perspective, for every 10,000 visitor sessions on the listing, LinkyThinks converted 700 customers, a significant leap from the previous 490.

5. Liz Adamson

  • Company: Spreetail
  • Specialization: Consultant, Advertising
  • Based in Pleasant Grove, USA
  • LinkedIn Profile: /liz-adamson

Since 2011, Liz Adamson has been actively involved in the Amazon marketplace, working with various sellers, from startups to established brands. In 2015, she founded Egility, a digital agency focused on Amazon. This agency was later acquired by Buy Box Experts in 2020, which subsequently became a part of Spreetail. Additionally, she has over 20 years of experience in the consumer goods industry, covering development, promotion, and sales. She also holds an MBA with a specialization in marketing and brand management.

Spreetail, where Adamson is currently affiliated, is an eCommerce acceleration partner. The company offers a range of services aimed at enhancing online sales, particularly for products with shipping challenges. Some of the company's reported metrics include a 99.7% same-day shipping rate for orders and an annual revenue that surpasses $1 billion. 

6. Brian Johnson

  • Company: Canopy Management
  • Specialization: Online Advertising, Product Ideation
  • Based in San Antonio, USA
  • LinkedIn Profile: /brianrjohnsonppc

Brian Johnson's approach to Amazon PPC distinguishes him from many in the field. An early proponent of utilizing data-driven methodologies, his strategies often center on tangible metrics rather than intuitions. This emphasis on data has led him to pioneer several optimization techniques, especially in areas like keyword efficiency, some of which have been adopted widely across the industry.

Johnson’s commitment to constant learning has also made him a sought-after speaker at numerous eCommerce conferences. His sessions have helped many budding Amazon sellers scale their businesses efficiently. Notably, he founded Canopy Management, a prominent agency that has impressively managed over $2.21 billion in revenue for over 25,000 brands and used his exclusive Seed-to-Forest system to do so. 

7. Mike Zagare

  • Company: PPC Entourage
  • Specialization: Advertising, AMS
  • Based in: Merrick, USA
  • LinkedIn Profile: /patientfirstpt

Back in 2015, Mike Zagare founded PPC Entourage, which attempts to provide an alternative to traditional spreadsheet management, catering to the needs of advertisers. Backed by Carbon6, they have worked with a diverse range of businesses, agencies, and sellers. Plus, the platform provides support for various ad types, offers customizable reporting, and includes multi-channel campaign templates.

A feature of PPC Entourage is its emphasis on user-friendly templates and automation tools. For instance, their “Bulk Engine” is designed to provide users with the ability to manage campaigns efficiently. Additionally, their reporting system presents data clearly, allowing for timely adjustments to campaigns.

8. Ritu Java

  • Company: PPC Ninja
  • Specialization: Amazon, Consulting
  • Based in: Vancouver, Canada
  • LinkedIn Profile: /ritujava

Ritu Java is the founder of PPC Ninja, a platform that offers software solutions and strategies for Amazon advertising. She began her career in software before transitioning to the eCommerce industry over a decade ago. Her background has played a pivotal role in ensuring that the platform integrates automation effectively. 

More specifically, PPC Ninja allows users to set multi-level target ACoS at various levels, from products to campaigns and branded keywords, providing a more granular approach to bid optimization. Moreover, their managed services team uses a 30-point SOP checklist for optimization at different intervals, aiming to provide consistent results for its clients. Over the years, they've built a decent track record managing a significant number of ASINs and achieving a commendable amount in ad sales.

9. Liran Hirschkorn

  • Company: Incrementum Digital
  • Specialization: Amazon PPC, eCommerce
  • Based in: New York City, USA
  • LinkedIn Profile: /liranhirschkorn

In 2014, after the sale of his online life insurance agency, Liran Hirschkorn ventured into eCommerce, with a particular focus on Amazon. Since then, he has founded and become CEO of Incrementum Digital, a marketing agency that operates within the sector. Under his leadership, the agency offers a range of support tailored to the marketplace. Their offerings encompass areas such as DSP, advertising, seller operations, and creative services. Their stated objective is to equip clients with comprehensive marketing support tailored to the platform.

Outside of his responsibilities at Incrementum Digital, Hirschkorn participates in Amazon events. He has shared insights on multiple occasions, highlighting the significance of branding and differentiation on Amazon. His perspective suggests that a distinct brand identity can aid sellers in navigating the competitive landscape of the platform.

10. Edward Ruffin

  • Company: N/A
  • Specialization: PPC, Customer Service
  • Based in: Athens, USA
  • LinkedIn Profile: /ppc-edward-ruffin

Edward Ruffin started his career in retail, working at companies like Chick-fil-A and Best Buy before eventually ending up at Simply Mac, where he held positions as a Sales Manager and later as a Service Manager in Georgia. However, he became an expert on Amazon PPC at Seller Lab, where he worked for over seven years in various roles.

Having started his career in retail, Ruffin brought his understanding of customers to the eCommerce world. Here, he was responsible for areas such as presentations, customer service management, and advertising. Plus, he utilized this experience in Seller Labs, where he helped achieve an annual ad spend of $300 million and aided sellers in attaining a yearly revenue of $5.3 billion. Although Ruffin left Seller Labs in July 2023, he still remains active in the PPC community, often appearing at talks or in new media, helping people keep up to date with the platform’s changes. 

11. Destaney Wishon

  • Company: BetterAMS
  • Specialization: Amazon Ads, eCommerce
  • Based in: Bentonville, USA
  • LinkedIn Profile: /destaney-wishon

Destaney Wishon is known for her analytical strategies, which ensure that decisions are based on solid data, aiming for more precise and efficient advertising campaigns. This approach is also evident in the operations of Better AMS, the company she co-founded. The agency prioritizes performance, the identification of top-performing keywords, and the customization of strategies to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

Under her guidance, Better AMS has grown to become one of the more notable names in the industry. One of the key features of their service is their ability to distribute budgets by ASIN, considering various factors such as product-specific objectives, sales trends, and market seasonality. In addition to her primary responsibilities, Wishon has imparted her knowledge at various industry gatherings, including Unboxed, Amazon Accelerate, and Sellercon. She has discussed topics such as the execution of Amazon ads and strategies to optimize sales through advertising.

12. Tim Jordan

  • Company: Carbon6
  • Specialization: eCommerce, PPC
  • Based in: Huntsville, USA
  • LinkedIn Profile: /timbo-jordan

Tim Jordan’s role isn't limited to that of an observer or strategist in Amazon; he is an active third-party marketplace seller, providing him with firsthand knowledge of the intricacies of the platform. He currently serves as the Chief Community Officer at Carbon6. The company is recognized for its growth platform, offering an array of AI-powered software solutions aimed at optimizing profitability, enhancing revenue, and ensuring operational efficiency for its users. With Jordan, the company has aided a vast number of brands and facilitated over $30 billion in sales. 

Beyond his corporate roles, Jordan is an active participant in the broader seller community. He has shared his expertise through a podcast called AM/PM, focused on Amazon selling, and has been instrumental in the creation of Private Label Legion, a place where like-minded people can learn about how to utilize the platform. 

13. Brandon Young

  • Company: Seller Systems
  • Specialization: eCommerce, Online Marketing
  • Based in: Miami, USA
  • LinkedIn Profile: /byoungsfl/

Brandon Young is the founder of Seller Systems, a company dedicated to offering tools and resources for individuals keen on the Amazon private label sector. Their diverse offerings include the Inner Circle Mastermind, which delivers a comprehensive education on Amazon selling, and Data Dive, a software solution specifically designed for sellers. Simply put, they offer support that aims to assist users in launching, ranking, and optimizing their products on the platform. 

Moreover, Young's background is diverse, with experiences that have shaped his approach to Amazon selling. He holds a business graduate degree from Nova Southeastern University and has roles such as a financial advisor and managing large-scale inventories for wholesale companies in his portfolio. Additionally, he has been the president and founder of a venture capital club. 

14. Franz Jordan

  • Company: Perpetua
  • Specialization: SaaS Solutions, Amazon PPC
  • Based in: Berlin, Germany
  • LinkedIn Profile: franz-jordan

The penultimate expert on this list is Franz Jordan, who established Sellics back in 2013, where he served as CEO and provided a range of features, from product research and SEO to competitor analysis and PPC, aiming to streamline business operations. In 2022, Sellics was acquired by Perpetua, a company that offers retail media execution and intelligence software. Following the acquisition, Jordan became the company’s General Manager and Vice President and has led the software in its attempt to assist businesses in expanding on various eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart. 

Jordan has over a decade of experience with Amazon that he brings to Perpetua, and he has supported numerous manufacturers and vendors on the site. Jordan has also appeared as a guest author and speaker at major eCommerce conferences such as the Amazon Sellers Conference UK and AMZ Summits.

15. Michael Erickson Facchin

  • Company: Ad Badger
  • Specialization: Online Marketing, PPC Strategies
  • Based in: Austin, USA
  • LinkedIn Profile: michael-erickson-facchin

Last but not least is Michael Erickson Facchin, who began his journey in the Amazon PPC sector in 2010. Over the years, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, which he often shares through various mediums. One such platform is “The PPC Den,” a podcast that focuses on PPC topics, where he discusses strategies, trends, and industry updates.

Furthermore, Ad Badger, founded by Facchin, is an application designed for PPC optimization, providing tools to help sellers easily understand the metrics of their campaigns. One of the main features is its bid optimization tool, which uses an algorithm to make daily bid adjustments based on conversion data. Similarly, another important feature is its negative keyword tool, which identifies potentially inefficient search phrases and suggests adding them as negative keywords. With this assistance, Facchin has helped grow multiple brands across various niches. For instance, one business, Rocketbook, a smart notebook company, experienced 448% revenue growth and a 73% increase in sales.


In the vast ocean of Amazon's marketplace, standing out requires more than just a great product; it demands a strategic approach to visibility and sales. PPC campaigns, when executed effectively, can be the difference between a product that thrives and one that merely survives. Hence, the importance of leveraging the expertise of Amazon PPC professionals cannot be overstated. These experts understand the nuances of keyword research, bidding strategies, and ad placements, ensuring that your products get the spotlight they deserve. 

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