Best Dad Influencers of 2020 to Inspire Your Influencer Campaigns

A dad influencing.

Looking to add some creative dad influencers to your team? Here is our list for the top 15 picks for father influencers in 2020.

What to Look for in Dad Influencers

With a wide selection of stay-at-home and working fathers in North America and Europe, dad influencers are great brand promoters for a wide range of industries. These influencers are great for promoting male-centered products, as well as household, fashion, home improvement, technology, and food brands.

Additionally, the influencer marketing industry has created an inroad for gay and black fathers to make a difference in social media. Frequently-overlooked LGBTQ and minority consumers look to these dad influencers for inspiration and purchase recommendations.

Pick Your Dad Influencers Carefully

As you take a closer look at an influencer, pay attention to their audience. Most dad influencers resonate with a particular crowd of consumers. Identifying audience alignment will help you confirm whether or not they are a good fit for your brand.

Make sure to also pay attention to engagement metrics – such as post comments and shares – over follower and like counts. These engagement metrics can help you focus on dad influencers with the most authenticity.

Partner with Your Dad Influencer

Dad influencers are resourceful and energetic. After establishing some basic guidelines and objectives, invite your dad influencers to help you develop the campaign strategy. Since they are the ones who know their audience best, they will be able to help you achieve maximum ROI.

For more insight into finding the best influencers for your brand, check out our webinar, “0 to 100 Getting Started With Influencer Marketing” – Chapter Two: Identify Influencers.

Top 15 Dad Influencers of 2020

Influencer #1: @jasoncoffee

dad influencers jasoncoffee

Image via TikTok

Jason Coffee teams up with his teenage offspring to produce cerebral, silly, and fun videos. When they’re not traveling or mythbusting, they’re asking questions of the universe with various games of chance.

You can find the Coffee Family publishing in their shenanigans on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Influencer #2: @dad_beets

dad influencers dad beets

Image via Instagram

Nick Neves is one of Instagram’s most popular food influencers. In addition to recognition from SAVEUR Magazine, Nick has won numerous awards for his cooking prowess.

In between pictures of his delicious cuisine, Nick gushes love and gratitude for his wife and two sons. 

Influencer #3: @the_dadventurer

dad influencers the dadventurer

Image via Instagram

Dave, the DADventurer is a stay-at-home dad who launched his own parenting blog in 2014. Based in the United Kingdom, his musings are both humorous and astonishingly honest.

Dave posts regularly on YouTube and Instagram, but you will find him most active on his blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

Influencer #4: @life_with_benjamin

dad influencers life with benjamin

Image via Instagram

Benjamin is the name of David’s son. After a career in the corporate world, David decided to stay home, build a family, and pursue his passion in photography and graphic design.

Thanks to his amazing Photoshop (and movie editing) skills, David is able to produce dynamic content that resonates with parents and art lovers alike. You can find him on Instagram or at

Influencer #5: @daddyanddad

dad influencers daddyanddad

Image via Instagram

After enduring adoption challenges as a gay couple, Jamie and Tom launched a blog to provide guidance and encouragement to other LGBTQ families. Their courage and voice have earned them multiple awards, including Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Lifestyle Award (2019) and Feedspot’s 3rd Top LGBT Parenting Blog.

In their influencer career, they’ve partnered with brands like Disney, Rubik’s Cube, and Build Your Own Kits.

Influencer #6: @fatherwithtwins 

dad influencers robert knop

Image via Instagram

Robert Knop is (as his handle suggests) a father of twins, LinkedIn marketing key opinion leader, and lover of memes. 

While CEO of Assist You Today, Robert still enjoys partnering with his favorite brands. His ambassadorships include big corporate names (like Google), as well as consumer products (like Rogue Ales and KIND Bars). 

In addition to LinkedIn, you can find Robert on Instagram and Twitter.

Influencer #7: @dadofdivas

dad influencers dads with daughters

Image via Stitcher

Christopher Lewis is a social media influencer, blogger, and podcast host (“Dads with Daughters”). He also publishes book reviews online. His expertise as an intuitive parent in a female household has earned him popularity among parents struggling to nurture their daughters in a world that bombards them with unhealthy assumptions on body image and self-esteem.

Though a proud father to two daughters, Christopher loves getting in touch with his “man side,” as reflected in his brand partnerships with Husqvarna USA and Dove Men.

Influencer #8: @caseypalmer

dad influencers casey palmer

Image via Instagram

Casey Palmer is an Ontario government employee by day and a social media storyteller before, after, and in between. He is a prolific blogger and attributes much of his inspiration to his life as a husband and father.

You can find Casey on Instagram, Twitter, and his website,

Influencer #9: @this_father_life

dad influencers this father life

Image via Instagram

Robert Douglas is a prolific Instagram influencer with an eye for style and great candid moments. As a member of Principle Talent, he also goes above and beyond to address current issues, such as the more serious threat of COVID-19 on black communities around the world.

Robert is a brand ambassador for Aveeno, Harry’s, and Steve Madden. While he primarily spends his time on Instagram, he recently started building an audience on TikTok

Influencer #10: @dadandburied

dad influencers dad and buried

Image via Instagram

If you appreciate how a parent can both love and hate parenting at the same time, then you’ll really enjoy the dark humor of influencer Mike Julianelle. His podcast, “Dad and Buried,” is not for the easily-offended or politically correct.

That said, Mike has struck a chord with those who care deeply about parenting, even though it may not come as naturally to them as it does for others. You won’t find many adorable family pics on Mike’s feed (see his Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube), but you will find a lot of memes and hilarious rants.

Influencer #11: @detroitfather

dad influencers detroit father

Image via Instagram

DK Williams (aka Detroit Father) is on a mission “to share my journey and start the conversation to end fatherlessness.” He lives with his wife and daughter in downtown Detroit, an area famous for fatherlessness and crime.

As a powerful voice for social justice and reform, DK loves to partner with brands that share his values. He is an active promoter of grooming products, as well as toddler brands and Detroit events.

Influencer #12: @duanemclaughlin

dad influencers duane mclaughlin

Image via Instagram

Duane McLaughlin is an actor and fashion influencer using his residual wealth to promote causes he cares about most. Many of his posts mention or show precious family moments with his wife and two kids. 

In addition to his family, Duane loves traveling and art. His posts illustrate beautiful symmetry and a contemplative lifestyle.

Influencer #13: @youthedaddy

Image via Instagram

An unlikely candidate for insights on pregnancy and birth, London influencer Giles Alexander is a wealth of inspiration. He is a popular blogger, as well as the self-appointed leader of #dadtribe.

Giles engages fans on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Influencer #14: @mikejchau and @foodbabyny

dad influencers you the daddy

Image via Instagram

Mike Chau loves good food. As a new parent, Mike took pictures with his infant grimacing and smirking at various solid foods. Initially, he documented the moments as a passive-aggressive mockery of foodie pics. Today, @foodbabyny (a separate account for his influencer audience) is a fun picture collection of beautiful food and an adorable toddler.

Nearly every one of Mike’s posts feature his daughter reacting to food. Fans love the humor adorning the fatherly affection. You can find Mike on Instagram and Twitter.

Influencer #15: @andrewslyfox

dad influencers andrew slyfox

Image via Instagram

Drew and Hannah Slyfox are an influencer power couple on Instagram and Youtube. In an effort to make family travel more affordable, Drew learned how to convert vans into mobile homes. As a result, he and Hannah have developed a strong following of #vanconversion fans.

As a lifestyle influencer, Drew has partnered with companies across a wide range of industries, including well-known brands like Walgreens, Intel, and McDonalds.

In Conclusion

We hope that our rundown of the top dad influencers in 2020 will get your creative juices flowing and help you identify which influencers are a good fit for your brand. These dad influencers can help you connect with wider audiences and grow your influencer program.

The best influencer programs focus on building strong relationships with their influencers and tracking results. As you launch your campaign, don’t be afraid to enlist creative help from your influencers to test different approaches and tactics. 

This article originally appeared in the blog and has been published here with permission.

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