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Best Investment Apps For Beginners

Want to get some groceries? We can order it for quick delivery online. Want to get clothes for this new year?

We can get it on a fantastic shopping app. Want to track your health? We can do it on one of these trending health-tracking apps. Want to book a service? There's an app for that too. Want to get your banking statement? We can get it on the mobile banking app. Our investments might also have some great apps. 

Want to start investing? Let's go ahead and find a credible app. 

The Best Apps to Start Investing Online

Some good online investment apps that you can never look over:

1. Fidelity

Google Rating: 4.3

Available Platforms: Google Play and Apple App Store.

Some key characteristics set the app apart from the crowd of finance-related mobile apps.

To begin, a fully customized feed with tailored portfolios and information can be built. This application provides many powerful money management functions, including maintaining order history, seeing chart data, monitoring transactions, and making all payments. The tool helps conduct thorough market research with readily available pre and post-market data, trading and stock options, and insights into international markets and domestic stocks.

Fidelity's app also sends push notifications for real-time alerts, live news, and videos, which can be helpful in trading and investing. If you have an issue, please call a Fidelity representative via the app and contact them quickly to fix it.

2. Upstox Trading App

Google Rating: 4.3

Available Platforms: Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Upstox's mobile trading app is called Pro Mobile. Upstox created this app in-house. The program allows mobile trading in equities, futures, currencies, and commodities on the NSE, BSE, and MCX markets. Customers of Upstox can get this app for free and become location-independent in their trading.

3. Paytm Money

Google Rating: 3.8

Available Platforms: Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Paytm Money has a trading platform and application ensures investors a smooth trading experience. It's a safe app with bank-level data security. With over 60 lakh customers, Paytm Money in the modern-day world claims to be a leader and pioneer in low-cost investment.

4. Zerodha Kite

Google Rating: 4.1

Available Platforms: Google Play Store.

The Kite Android App is a Mobile Trading App part of the Kite trading platform. The Android app is simple to use, strong, and quick. The software enables its internet users to trade on the go with their smartphones. Through this Zerodha mobile trading app, Zerodha customers can trade in equity, derivatives, currency derivatives, and commodities. All Kite online clients can download the Kite Android App for free.

5. Groww

Google Rating: 4.5

Available Platforms: Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Groww has its trading platform, Groww – the application. This application gives users or investors a flawless trading experience throughout. This application is built with 128-bit encryption and is one of the safest and most secure applications to be operative. Groww is one of India's fastest-growing platforms, with over 90+ lakh users. It is among the most popular apps (4.5+) in the Google Play and App Store.

6. 5 Paisa

Google Rating: 4.3

Available Platforms: Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Customers of 5paisa can trade/invest using its trading app on Android or iOS phones. All of its customers can use the mobile trading app for free. The wholly functional and highly intuitive mobile trade provides practically all the elements an investor or trader requires. The primary features include trading in several categories on the BSE/NSE, mutual fund investing, account management, and trading the market with live data.

7. Angel Speed Pro

Google Rating: 4.3

Available Platforms: Google (For Desktop Use.)

Angel Broking Speed Pro is a trading platform that can be downloaded and seamlessly installed on your desktop. Angel Broking Speed Pro has several features, such as numerous charts in one window, allowing investors to trade quickly and precisely. Angel Investing Speed Pro provides faster order execution times and real-time market information. Speed Pro has advanced charting and analysis features, making it a good choice for technical analysis.

8. IIFL Markets Mobile App

Google Rating: 4.4

Available Platforms: Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

The IIFL Markets App is one of the country's best and most highly rated mobile trading apps. IIFL Markets has received five separate accolades for the application's user-friendly features. It gives customers a speedier trading and online accessibility capacity to equity, derivatives, currency, and commodity markets at the BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX exchanges. 

The program includes valuable features such as trading recommendations, a customized watchlist, price alerts, advanced technical charting, and live market updates. It also provides research consulting and online IPO investment. The only app that offers free research on the top 500 NSE/BSE-listed firms is IIFL Markets.

9. Edelweiss Mobile Trading App

Google Rating: 4.3

Available Platforms: Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The Edelweiss mobile trader app is a smartphone software that allows users to invest and trade in the Indian stock market. This innovative app is a straightforward, safe, and effective tool for internet investment. Along with trading, it offers live news, research, a stock screener, advanced charting, and various other features.

10. Sharekhan

Google Rating: 3.9

Available Platforms: Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The Sharekhan app is a free mobile trading program that is accessible to both Android and iOS users. The application is intended for traders and investors. Sharekhan customers can use the app to trade equities, derivatives, and mutual funds (MF). The mobile app includes extensive trading capabilities such as detailed charts, measuring tools, a watchlist, etc. 


This is where you will have to be careful. It can get hard to stay in line or even put your money into an application you've only read about. So, make sure that you choose only the most credible and reliable applications whenever you plan on investing online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an investment app user-friendly?
User-friendly investment apps typically feature an intuitive interface, easy navigation, and clear, concise information, making them accessible to users of all experience levels.

How important is security in online investment apps?
Security is crucial in online investment apps to protect user data and financial transactions, ensuring trust and reliability in the digital finance environment.

Can beginners use these investment apps effectively?
Many investment apps are designed with beginners in mind, offering educational resources and simplified tools to help them start their investment journey.

Are there fees associated with using investment apps?
Some investment apps may charge fees for certain services or transactions, so reviewing the fee structure before using an app is essential.

How do investment apps keep up with financial market changes?
Investment apps often incorporate real-time data, market analysis, and updates to inform users about the latest financial market changes.

Can I manage a diverse portfolio through these apps?
Many investment apps allow users to manage a diverse portfolio, offering a range of investment options across different asset classes.

What kind of customer support do investment apps provide?
Investment apps typically offer customer support through various channels, including live chat, email, and phone, to assist users with their queries.

How do investment apps cater to experienced investors?
For experienced investors, these apps offer advanced tools, detailed analytics, and customization options to cater to their sophisticated investment strategies.

Are investment apps suitable for long-term investing?
Many investment apps are designed to support long-term investing strategies, offering tools and resources for sustained financial growth.

Do you know if I can access international markets through these apps?
Some investment apps provide access to international markets, allowing users to diversify their investments globally.

How do these apps handle personal and financial information?
Investment apps typically use encryption and other security measures to protect personal and financial information.

Can I set up automatic investments with these apps?
Many investment apps offer the option to set up automatic investments, facilitating regular and disciplined investing.

Do these apps provide tax-related assistance?
Some investment apps offer tax-related assistance, including tax-loss harvesting and providing tax documents.

How often should I check my investments on these apps?
The frequency of checking investments depends on your strategy, though monitoring regularly without obsessing over short-term fluctuations is generally advisable.

Can I link my bank account to these investment apps?
Most investment apps allow users to link their bank accounts for easy fund transfers.

Do investment apps offer retirement planning tools?
Many investment apps provide tools and resources for retirement planning, including IRAs and pension fund management.

How do these apps handle market volatility?
Investment apps often provide resources and tools to help users understand and manage market volatility, including risk assessment and diversification strategies.

Can I withdraw my money at any time from these apps?
Withdrawal policies vary by app, but most allow users to withdraw funds, subject to specific terms and conditions.

Do investment apps offer joint or shared accounts?
Some investment apps offer the option of joint or shared accounts, catering to partners or families who wish to invest together.

How do these apps educate users about investing?
Investment apps often provide educational content, including articles, tutorials, and webinars, to help users understand various aspects of investing.

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