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Best Social Login Apps For Shopify Stores In 2023

Best social login apps for Shopify stores in 2023.

While operating a Shopify store, many users will likely leave your site during the logging-in process. This is because many potential clients find it complex and time-consuming when they have to create a new account in which they must remember the password.

So, you want to avoid losing potential customers by putting in the right measures to improve overall sales. So, how do you convert your clients into sales? That is where Shopify social login apps come in.

By putting in place a simplified social login Shopify process, you will convert many app visitors into real customers who will generate incredible revenue, and this means putting in place a one-click login process.

So, here, Shopify login apps will simplify your whole process and enable visitors to click and sign up instantly into your Shopify store for a smooth shopping experience. These applications use the visitor’s social media platform details for the registration process. One more thing, these applications will help you as a business person to connect with your potential clients apart from simplifying the login process. This, in turn, forms a strong bond between you and the customers, thus promoting a good relationship. The best benefit from this is that you get to promote and grow your brand, and this means growing sales which increases productivity.

So, what are the topmost Shopify social login apps you should consider? We have compiled the best apps below. Since they vary in one way or the other, be sure to go for the apps that will meet your requirements based on the business itself.

Did you know? By 2025, Global ecommerce sales are anticipated to hit $7 trillion.

2023 Social Login Shopify apps to consider

As a business person running an eCommerce online store, you must be ready to face several challenges before you see your business fully stable. That is why considering some of the apps or consulting with the right eCommerce development company will help your business stabilize and rise.

Oxi Social Login

This is one of the best apps for Shopify login that is compatible with the top social media networks to simplify the one-click login process.  

It has an automaton feature that connects with your Shopify app store to simplify the process in minutes.

Above all, you can have your customer’ details that can help you to personalize the services and improve your brand promotion through the Oxi social login app.

Advantages of Oxi social login application

If you are questioning if you should give this app a try, the following are the top reasons:

  • It is inexpensive, with a starting price of $1.99 for basic features, which is affordable based on the services you get back.
  • You will get a free trial for the first fifteen days
  • It faster

Cons of Oxi social login

  • Many users complain about privacy matters and the high number of spam emails when using the app.

Flits: Customer Accounts Page

This app will give you the customer’s information after collecting it in a simplified format. The information collected is always uniform despite the type of social platform used for logging in. This simplifies the process and makes you understand the customer better by reading through their profiles.

Besides, you can customize the ads to meet the customer’s preference based on previous purchases. In the end, you will maximize the revenue and enjoy maximum sales, thus meeting your target.

The advantages Flits application

You will enjoy the following as a result of using this application:

  • You get a free trial experience for thirty days along with other add-on features
  • You will enjoy a personalized layout for paid plans

The disadvantages include:

  • You must pay for add-on features despite the plan you choose
  • It is quite costly- You will have to pay $4.99 per month as a basic plan, while advanced plans range between $19.99 and 29.99 per month.

Open SignIn – Social Login

Yet another social login Shopify application that has integration features for connecting with other social media platforms. With this app, you can easily customize your store design and automate the configuration for easy operation.

Advantages of Open SignIn – Social Login

  • The cost is quite manageable since it has a single plan priced at $5.45 per month
  • You can easily deal with global customers because of the wide range of logging-in options.

The disadvantages include:

  • Lack of adequate customer support
  • It is not flexible enough since it has only a single plan

EasyAuth – Social Login

With this app, your customers using Yahoo, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter, Google, and Facebook, among others, can easily access it. Considering that the top social platforms support EasyAuth, you can be sure to reach a wide range of customers and improve your revenue.

One key feature that you will love about EasyAuth is the simple and code-free installation process. It is also easy to personalize the login pages for your brand identity and the ensign language.

Advantages of EasyAuth include:

  • You can use your own API keys
  • Has a wide range of services for logging in.

The disadvantages include:

  • The minuscule reviews provided may mean unreliable ratings
  • It is a complex process when uninstalling, especially when the client wants to switch to another service provider.

Social Login – miniOrange

This Shopify social login app will give you the chance to integrate some of the popular social platforms, including Discord, LinkedIn, Apple, Twitter, and Facebook, among many others. You will also enjoy email integration services which enable verifying phone numbers and emails to prevent fraud activities.

The advantages include:

  • The totally free plan for basic features
  • Customers get total support any time via in-app support forms and emails

The disadvantages include:

  • To get advanced features, you must pay for the plans
  • The advanced features are costly, meaning you have to pay $15 per month to access such features.

One Click Social Login

If you are looking for a one-click social login app that is fast with a simplified registration process, then you need the one-click social login application for your Shopify business.  

Through this app, you will get manual integration and automatic integration processes. It all depends on your preferences and your understanding. It also has a clear dashboard that simplifies the process of reviewing all your customer’s log in history.

The advantages include:

  • You get analytics and graphs from the data collected
  • You can customize the social login
  • You can configure the log in page to enhance a customized experience

The disadvantages include:

  • It is pricey, especially if you want to enhance login pop-ups
  • Some users experience severe glitches, hence not full reliable

HIKO Social Login

With the Hiko platform, you can be sure to integrate the app with nineteen social media platforms that are popular. You can integrate the app into your Shopify store automatically. However, advanced users can use HTML tags to integrate the app manually,

You will love the custom social API keys, multipass, CSS editing, and the ability to use varied language features.

The advantages include:

  • The app has advanced and useful features at affordable prices
  • You will only pay $4.99 per month and access even the top-tier paid plans
  • While the app is limited, even small businesses can benefit from the free plan

The disadvantages include:

  • It is a new app in the market and lacks adequate, reliable reviews

Quick Social Login

This is yet another Shopify app you can consider for your business. The installation process is simple, and the app offers free access. Among the top features you will love include email integration and customization using CSS. You will also access some cart app features, which are useful for business growth.

The advantages include

  • Easy installation- Anybody can handle the installation process
  • You get useful features for free
  • You can be sure to get advanced features to customize your business and brand.
  • You will get a free trial for the first seven days

The disadvantages include

  • While the app is free, be sure to incur hidden charges, especially when removing their watermarks and logos from the interface.
  • There is no option to display your brand domain whenever the user connects through social media platforms.

Smart Social Login

While smart social login supports all the top social media platforms, it has some limitations when it comes to integration. Nonetheless, you will enjoy the fast and easy sign-up process to the Shopify store when using social media platforms.

The advantages include:

  • The cost is quite low- only $1.49 per month
  • You can access different customizations for the available price

The disadvantages include:

  • The app doesn’t support other languages apart from English
  • While the services are affordable, it has limited features that will mean challenges for business growth.
  • The ever-complaining customers reporting issues means the app isn’t reliable

Login with Amazon

This Shopify app lets users access your store through their Amazon accounts. With the app, you can access customers’ information, including zip codes, email addresses, and names. What’s more, you can use Amazon payments available on your Shopify store when billing the customer.

This is especially significant as it allows you to get relevant customer information without many struggles.

The advantages include

  • Totally free
  • A simplified installation processes

The disadvantages include:

  • No alternative login options- only for Amazon accounts
  • You are likely to experience several glitches
  • The option favors only US customers


If you own a Shopify store, your target should be to generate as much revenue as possible. Do not struggle too much when you can integrate social login apps, customize your brand and see your business grow.

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