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The Best Ways to Use Images for Link Building



When it comes to online marketing, including images in campaigns is a proven way to increase visibility and encourage interaction with links. It's well-known that images are very useful in online marketing campaigns, however the impact of each image is largely dependent on the image's content and quality.

In order to build your links with images, it's vital that you use those that will appeal to your target audience. While it may be easy to take ‘selfies' with your phone, and stock photos are relatively simple to come by, it's important to share only professional and relevant images in order to build traffic with your campaigns.

Some of the most useful images you can share online for link building include:

  • Infographics
  • Illustrations
  • Relevant photographs
  • Typography
  • Memes
  • Cinemagraphs
  • GIFs
  • Comics

In addition to choosing the right images, they must be shared on the right platforms in order to increase traffic. Having a great image is the first step, but publishing it alongside your links is the key to increasing traffic.

There are many ways you can connect with others online in order to increase traffic to your link using your images. Make a list of bloggers that cover topics in your industry, and make them an offer. Ask if they would be interested in using any of your images for free, in return for mentioning your link whenever they are used.

Google is an incredible tool for link building using images, as it offers a revolutionary service known as the ‘Reverse Image Search.' What does this mean for you? If you are concerned about others using your images without your permission, simply uploaded the image into Google's Reverse Image Search, and make a list of those who have used your image. Contact them and ask them to credit your link in their post. This will direct larger audiences to your link, and will ensure that you are being given due credit for your work.

As online marketing has grown, so has the use of Infographics – vector images that display content in an easy to read, appealing manner. Infographics can be made using a number of programs, and are highly sought after online. Contact influencers in your field and offer your infographic in return for credit to your link. It's likely that someone will want to use your content, and will be happy to use it in return for sharing your link.

If you've spent any time on the internet, you've undoubtedly seen memes at some point during your browsing sessions. Memes are images that are created in order to prove a point in an often sarcastic or humorous manner. Memes are very easy to make, and are founded on previously existing jokes, making them relatively simple for anyone to create. After you've created your meme, use the following tips to use it as part of your link building strategy:

  • Spread the meme online using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.
  • Ask other bloggers to feature your meme in one or more of their posts.
  • Use the reverse image search feature to find out who is using your memes – then ask them to credit your link.

The best part about using memes is that they appeal to audiences of all ages, and are very easy to share and enjoy. Make use of this by creating catchy, funny memes that direct viewers to your link.

While most eCommerce experts and bloggers know to share their links on Twitter and Facebook, one platform that often goes unused it Pinterest – a massive photo sharing website that appeals to men and women of all ages. Images can go viral on Pinterest very easily, and as a result the platform now drives more site transactions than Facebook. The platform incorporates external links into its core formula, so that your posts direct readers back to your site, rather than to another spot on Pinterest. Use social media marketing strategies to incite interest in your image, and use interesting captions to drive visits to your link.

Another platform that many eCommerce experts and bloggers tend to pass over is Tumblr, the massive online image sharing platform that has taken the internet by storm over the past five years. One of the best ways to campaign on Tumblr is to share typography images, which see more success on the site than many other types of images. Use hashtags and keywords to get reblogs, and direct users to your link in your post. You should also follow Tumblr users who tend to share similar content – if they follow you back, it's very likely they will begin to share your content.

If you prefer to share photography over infographics and vector images, try using any of the image bookmarking sites available online. Sites such as Flickr, Deviantart, and Imgur are excellent places to post your content and get a large audience to follow your links. This can also be done using Reddit, however marketing strategies for using the forum effectively are different than those used for marketing on other platforms. When using Reddit, try to post your image where it will be most appreciated, and make your post title as interesting as possible. This will lead to upvotes, giving you more visibility – and in return, more visits to your link.

Finally, link building with images can be done by curating your best images into what is known as ‘link bait.' Include all of your best images in one post, and share that far and wide throughout the internet. You can also use this method with work done by others, as long as they give you permission to do so. For example, you can collect infographics about your industry from other professionals in your field, and include these in a singular post. Use this strategy to increase visibility and interaction with your links using images.

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