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10 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Average Order Value

A person typing on a laptop with an ecommerce website powered by WooCommerce plugins on the screen, aiming to Boost Average Order Value.

Increasing conversion rates and average order value are becoming increasingly important in e-commerce.

To make your business skyrocket, the WooCommerce platform is a prime choice, as millions of users trust it well. To enhance the WooCommerce work, choose the appropriate plugins carefully, as each plugin is designed to meet the customer's specific needs. 

Top 10 WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Average Order Value

The wooCommerce plugin raises the average order value, user experience, and engagement. WooCommerce offers a variety of plugin models to satisfy the different customer” ‘s needs and to make the online business generate high revenues.

  • WooCommerce Tax Exempt Plugin
  • WooCommerce Product Options And Addons
  • RafflePress
  • Design ‘N' Buy
  • All In One SEO
  • PushEngage
  • TrustPulse
  • W3 Speedster
  • Beeketing for WooCommerce
  • Advanced Coupons

1. WooCommerce Tax Exempt Plugin

WooCommerce Tax Exempt

WooCommerce Tax Exempt allows store management to grant tax exemption to certain user groups and consumers. Administrators may manually approve the exemption from taxes from the backend or permit customers to apply for it via the “My Account” page.


  • Allow specific user roles to request an exemption.
  • Display the exemption form on my account page
  • Form fields for exemptions can be personalized.
  • demonstrate my account's tax exemption status that is accepted, denied, or pending
  • Back-end perspective on exemption requests
  • Reject or approve exemption requests
  • Exemption from taxes should have an expiration date.
  • When an exemption request gets processed, the administrator gets informed via email.
  • Notification via email to the customer regarding the tax exemption demand
  • Display tax exemption information on the order details page.
  • Exempt consumers from the backend (without a request)
  • permit visitors to claim tax breaks.

Pricing Structure: 

Plugin Price: $49.99 (One-time purchase)

Premium Support: $19.99/month

2. WooCommerce Product Options And Addons

Increase your sales by incorporating Addify WooCommerce Product Options and Addons. With WooCommerce product options and fields, you can customize products with Dropdown, Textbox, Text Area, Multi-select, Quantities, Checkboxes, Uploading, Colors, Switch Images, Date Pickers, and Time Pickers. Stay a step ahead of your rivals by developing a unique shopping experience. 80% of consumers are willing to shell out more for customization. Simple checkout operations can improve the user experience while establishing trust. Begin using Addify right away!

Key Features

  • Customers can have their products customized.
  • Add-ons can be applied in huge quantities or separately to every product.
  • Add 17 different types of Add-on fields to Product Pages.
  • Add-ons can be restricted based on user roles.
  • Make add-ons mandatory, a choice, or reliant upon other add-ons.

Pricing Structure: 

Plugin Cost: $69.99 (One time purchase)

Premium Support: $29.99/month

3. RafflePress

RafflePress can help you with incentives. It is a highly operational WooCommerce plugin to generate incentives. RafflePress allows you to create compelling incentives for your WooCommerce store quickly. It can help you by making the competition enjoyable for those who participate. The plugins enable you to determine the beginning and end times of the incentives and assist you in declaring the winner. The greatest benefit is that RafflePress shields against unlawful attempts and transactions via social confirmation behaviors.

Key Features:

  • The creation of appealing incentives is getting more accessible by using RafflePress.
  • Use of electronic email alerts to make the participants stay tuned.
  • RafflePress incorporates highly marketed resources for smooth working.
  • Managing time and declaring the contest winner is getting more accessible by controlling the contest function.
  • Customized design options can help you reach a larger audience.
  • Use social verification measures to guarantee safe validation and avoid a scam.

Pricing Structure:

  • Ultimate: A one-time investment of $499.50
  • Growth: Priced at $199.50 per year
  • Pro: Available at $99.50 per year
  • Plus: An affordable $39.50 per year

4. Design ‘N' Buy

WooCommerce Product Designer Tool, the DesignO by Design'N'Buy selection, is ideal for your online business. Your e-commerce site can allow clients to personalize various commodities, such as t-shirts, business cards, banners, and more. This is especially beneficial for printers who excel in selling customized print products online. This plug-in simplifies the handling of product layouts and orders via the store's admin panel, making it a natural fit for businesses seeking to market personalized goods online.

Key Features:

  • Free and open-source infrastructure services with an API connection ready
  • Every device utilizing responsive layout equipment, such as:
  •  Text 
  • circular text
  •  image editing
  •  background removal
  •  color detection
  •  multipage editing
  •  QR codes
  •  Auto-fill
  • 2D and 3D live demonstrations with real-sized glimpses
  • Purchase, job, and process management for custom-sized products are all promoted.
  • Quick editor with an interface for restricted customization
  • Publishing with variable information for broad modification

Pricing Structure:

  • Offers customized pricing based on specific business needs.

5. All In One SEO

All-in-One SEO is the best WooCommerce plugin to boost your SEO strategy. With All In One SEO, you may produce more valuable material while adhering to the most effective SEO techniques. A practical SEO approach will not just bring natural traffic sources to your site, but it will also deliver the proper traffic. All In One SEO encompasses an exclusive characteristic developed particularly for WooCommerce product page SEO.  To reach your customers faster or grab prospective clients, take measures to optimize your online business's product pages.

Key Features:

  • An on-page examination is done for SEO improvements.
  • SEO in your area to divert the natural traffic to the tour site.
  • The WooCommerce SEO Setup Wizard is simple to use.
  • Intelligent XML sitemaps used to raise the SEO indexing.

Pricing Structure: 

  • Basic: Priced at $49.50 per year
  • Plus: Available at $99.50 per year
  • Pro: Priced at $199.50 per year
  • Elite: The elite package at $299.50 per year

6. PushEngage

PushEngage is one of the world's best alerting software. These small messages remain on your followers' web browsers regardless of whether they are not, in fact, regularly browsing your website. PushEngage allows you to generate “drip” campaigns. These electronic messages will be delivered to your newly acquired and existing subscribers. An additional benefit is that you will not request confidential data from those who sign up.

Key Features: 

  • Setup of the PushEngage plugin is simple.
  • Using UTMs for trackable results.
  • Use A/B testing to make better strategies.
  • Utilizing Analytics dashboard for grouping audience.
  • Provides the facility of drip campaigns to engage new customers.
  • Deliver offline messages for customer’s later use.

Pricing Structure: 

  • Business: Priced at $9 per month
  • Premium: Available at $29 per month

7. TrustPulse

TrustPulse is a WordPress authentication plugin designed to assist you in establishing credibility with your site guests. It demonstrates the users' real-time activity in small notifications. During purchasing decisions, one of the most critical factors is trust. Furthermore, those who are unfamiliar are more likely to rely on suggestions from other consumers rather than advertisements.

TrustPulse adopts this benefit by utilizing real-time human activity to raise your website's earnings by up to 15%.

Key Features:

  • Buying decisions, registrations, and signups are monitored in actual time.
  • Advanced focusing on rules and timing regulates assist in smart targeting for increased transformations.
  • Drop-down menus, text input, and color wheels make it simple to make changes.
  • “On-fire” notifications indicate how many individuals act in a specific time frame.
  • Creating features to raise the brand of your website.
  • Without coding, it is simple to install on any website.

Pricing Structure:

  • Basic: Priced at $5 per month
  • Plus: Available at $10 per month
  • Pro: Priced at $19 per month
  • Growth: An investment of $39 per month

8. W3Speedster

The W3speedster plugin is an excellent choice to optimize your site speed. It is a WordPress speed-boosting plugin with outstanding built-in features for resolving speed-related problems with the environment. 

Key Features:

  •  Minification is a technique for reducing the size of JS, CSS, and HTML files.
  • Increase the load time
  • Allow automatic loading for image enhancement without giving up excellence.
  • With a single click, you can create a web cache.
  • Gzip compression is permitted.
  • Implement caching with a CDN WEBP support for maximizing JPEG and PNG image
  • Quick Aid for sophisticated solutions

Pricing Structure:

  • Sole Optimizer: An investment of $40 per year for a single website
  • Triple Booster: Priced at $100 per year for three websites
  • Multi Achiever: An investment of $250 per year for fifty websites

9. Beeketing for WooCommerce

Beeketing is an advertising automation system that allows you to improve the number of conversions, raise the mean value of orders, avoid cart abandonment, and increase online sales.This WordPress WooCommerce plugin has a plethora of features that make it ideal for automated advertising. Growing your business by selling more successfully at marketing and cross-selling products. Beeketing is a good option if you're looking for the best WooCommerce upsell plugin. It includes over ten built-in apps to improve the rate of acquisition.

Key Features:

  • Useful in Upselling and cross-selling the products.
  • Make use of product bundles to enhance marketing strategies.
  • It is simple to communicate with WooCommerce customers.
  • Personalized discounts and marketing Choices are also catered.

Pricing Structure:

  • Free version available
  • Premium features: Priced between $19 to $30 per month

10. Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons constitutes one of the most effective WooCommerce coupon code plugins. It can help you enhance the WooCommerce coupon possibilities and produce coupons for those you serve. The best part is that the sophisticated coupon plugin is relatively easy to operate and is capable of helping you increase your sales on the internet. The free version of the plugin has limited functionality. 

Key Features:

  • Provide the facility to buy one plugin and get one free.
  • Make use of URLs for coupons to boost the marketing techniques.
  • Coupons that have been scheduled to attract a large audience.
  • Auto-apply coupons are available.  
  • Provides shipping discounts on the products.

Pricing Structure:

  • Business: Priced at $99.00 per year
  • Growth: Available at $50.00 per year
  • All-In-One Bundle: An investment of $199.00 per year

Final Thoughts

Finally, the 10 Best WooCommerce Fields Plugins in this guide offer a diverse range of solutions for improving the average order value of your WooCommerce store. These plugins generate real traffic to your site in more natural ways. The dream for higher conversion and increased sales rates to improve your online business comes true using these plugins that allow you to transform your WooCommerce platform into a revenue-generating machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the WooCommerce Tax Exempt Plugin benefit store management?
It allows for granting tax exemptions to specific user groups, streamlining the process both for the administrators and the customers.

What makes Addify WooCommerce Product Options and Addons stand out?
It offers extensive customization options for products, enhancing customer satisfaction and potentially increasing sales.

How does RafflePress help in boosting engagement?
By creating compelling incentives and contests, it makes participation enjoyable and increases customer engagement.

What advantages does Design ‘N' Buy offer for e-commerce sites?
It allows customers to personalize a wide range of products, ideal for businesses selling customized items online.

How does All In One SEO improve a WooCommerce site?
It optimizes product pages for search engines, attracting more relevant traffic to the site.

What is the primary function of PushEngage?
It sends browser notifications to subscribers, keeping them engaged with the site even when they are not actively browsing.

How does TrustPulse enhance customer trust?
It displays real-time activity of other users, leveraging social proof to build trust among potential customers.

What are the key benefits of the W3Speedster plugin?
It significantly improves site speed through various techniques like minification and caching.

How does Beeketing for WooCommerce aid in marketing?
It automates marketing processes, helping in upselling, cross-selling, and reducing cart abandonment.

What unique features does Advanced Coupons offer?
It enhances WooCommerce's coupon capabilities, offering features like BOGO deals and scheduled coupons.

Can WooCommerce plugins impact SEO?
Yes, plugins like All In One SEO specifically target SEO improvements, enhancing site visibility.

Are these plugins suitable for all types of e-commerce businesses?
While they are versatile, it's important to choose plugins that align with your specific business needs.

How do these plugins affect the user experience?
They generally enhance the user experience by offering more options, smoother navigation, and personalized interactions.

Can these plugins help in reducing cart abandonment?
Yes, some plugins like Beeketing offer features specifically designed to reduce cart abandonment.

How important is customization in e-commerce?
Customization is crucial as it allows customers to have a more personal and satisfying shopping experience.

Is it easy to integrate these plugins into an existing WooCommerce site?
Yes, these plugins are designed for easy integration with WooCommerce platforms.

How do these plugins contribute to an increase in average order value?
By enhancing user experience, offering customization, and implementing effective marketing strategies.

Can these plugins help in attracting new customers?
Yes, through improved SEO, marketing automation, and enhanced user experience.

Are there any security concerns with these plugins?
It's always important to ensure plugins are updated and sourced from reputable providers to maintain security.

How often should these plugins be updated?
Regular updates are important for security, compatibility, and accessing new features.

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