Better Booch Brings In Recurring Revenue With Organic Kombucha Subscriptions


Better Booch, an organic kombucha company out of Los Angeles, has been brewing sparkling probiotic drinks for nearly a decade. After years of building their business from the ground up, co-founders Ashleigh and Trey Lockerbie learned that reliable, recurring revenue is critical to cementing their company’s future—which is where their subscription model comes in. 

We believe that good food is medicine, and that good health should be accessible to everyone.

The Challenge

Getting fresh, fizzy, good-for-your-gut kombucha into the hands of customers was no small feat. Ashleigh remembers the early days of the business when they envisioned a “milkman style” delivery option and even drove hours to drop off a single case of kombucha to a customer.

Knowing this method wasn’t sustainable in the long run, Ashleigh and Trey looked for a more viable alternative to quickly get Better Booch to their loyal fans while creating a consistent revenue stream their business could rely on. 

It’s the best experience for the customer, and the best experience for us. It’s a reliable sale that we can count on. And for them, it’s no fuss.

The Solution

Starting a subscription business on Shopify was the obvious decision for Better Booch. “We just downloaded an app and had subscriptions up and running,” Ashleigh said. Better Booch customers can sign up for a kombucha subscription on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis in just a few clicks, and Ashleigh and Trey have more cash on hand to grow their business.

Co-Founder of Better Booch sitting in a white jumpsuit in a green chair next to a product page of Better Booch with subscription options.

“Not only do we know people want this product, but setting it up on subscription means they don’t have to think about it, and it’s constantly delivered straight to their door,” Trey said. Another big win for Trey is the reliable income subscriptions bring in and what that means for the business. “The more subscriptions we have, the better we can plan,” he noted.

Our lifetime value has gone way up. Our customer loyalty has gone way up.

The Results

According to Ashleigh, since Better Booch launched its subscription business on Shopify in December 2021, “every metric has improved.” When it comes to revenue Better Booch brings in from Shopify, 32% can be attributed to subscriptions—up 6% from last year. 

Large text noting 70% of Better Booch's orders come from subscriptions next to a can of Better Booch, a half-filled glass, and two peaches.

There’s no sign of subscriptions slowing down for Better Booch—about 70% of all orders now come through subscriptions. From January to August 2022, the company saw their subscription sign-ups double. That’s a lot of organic, vegan, bubbly, probiotic goodness to go around.

Want to follow Better Booch’s lead? Find the right app for your business and start selling subscriptions today.

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This originally appeared on Shopify and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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