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4 Big Reasons Customers Aren’t Completing Their Purchases

Ecommerce businesses will always have to deal with people abandoning their carts.

Customers might intend to buy something or at least be willing to consider it, but something makes them decide against it. Sometimes, they need to remember their purchase but might also actively choose not to continue. There are many reasons for this, and it is challenging to find solutions. However, you can be aware of some of the big reasons people might abandon their purchase and take steps to prevent it from happening. Check out some of these significant reasons and what you could do about them.

Key Takeaways

  • Unexpected shipping costs are the top reason for shopping cart abandonment. Be transparent about all costs upfront.
  • A complicated checkout process leads to lost sales. Streamline your checkout flow and minimize the number of steps required.
  • Forcing account creation deters customers. Offer a guest checkout option to reduce friction in the buying process.
  • Limited payment options turn away potential buyers. Provide a variety of trusted payment methods to cater to different preferences.
  • Concerns about payment security make customers hesitant to complete purchases. Implement and highlight robust security measures to build trust.
  • Lack of customer support can lead to abandoned carts. Offer easily accessible support options to address concerns and questions promptly.
  • Slow website performance frustrates users and hurts conversions. Optimize your site’s speed and responsiveness for a smooth shopping experience.

Unexpected Costs

If there’s one thing almost guaranteed to turn people away, it’s costs they weren’t expecting. They most likely have a budget in mind, and surprise fees could change how they look at the purchase. It’s essential to be clear about which costs your customers may be expected to pay once they proceed to checkout. Tell them about any costs as soon as possible during the purchasing process so they’re less likely to be surprised by them later. For example, you can use tools to show estimated shipping costs at various points, including on product pages.

Paying Is Too Difficult

Your customer wants to pay, but they need help finding it. They may create an account before buying, or the payment option they want isn’t available. Making payment more accessible and convenient for your customers can increase their likelihood of sticking around. The key to offering convenient payment options is to have a good merchant services account to help you manage your payments. It can enable you to provide a range of payment choices so customers can choose their preferred one.

Better Prices Elsewhere

This is an issue that can be difficult to address. If customers abandon their carts because they’ve found better prices elsewhere, it can sometimes be more apparent what you should do. Sometimes, the right step might be to lower your prices to align with other retailers. But it’s also essential that sellers sometimes try to undercut each other. In addition to thinking about general market prices, you must consider what’s suitable for your brand. Sometimes, customers will choose to purchase elsewhere, and the right thing to do is let them.

Delivery Options Aren’t Suitable

As customers near the end of their purchase, they could be turned away by an unsuitable choice of delivery options. Perhaps there needs to be a carrier that works for them, or they can’t arrange a day or time that would suit them. Apart from offering flexible delivery options, you can provide customers with delivery information beforehand. Make your shipping and returns policy clear and easily accessible so people can check it before buying.

If customers must complete their purchases, making changes could help. However, not all changes are good, so it’s essential to consider what will be most effective.

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