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Black Friday, Cyber Monday: Ecommerce Vertical Data & Trends


We know Q4 ROAS typically dips then spikes around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But not all verticals experience the same bump.

The Health and Wellness category remains relatively flat (likely because people don’t necessarily “gift” these items). Whereas Fashion & Apparel performs better than the overall store average. 

In fact, the Fashion & Apparel space maintains close-to-Black-Friday revenue levels for several weeks after BFCM weekend itself. These brands would do well to continue pushing ad spend through December.

Fashion & Apparel ROAS maintains close-to-Black-Friday levels for several weeks after BFCM weekend

Facebook CPMs also vary between verticals: Fashion & Apparel and Food & Beverage show the lowest CPMs in Q4. Health & Wellness and Beauty & Cosmetics round out the higher end.

CPM for Health & Wellness is 88% more than overall CPM in Q4. CPM for Fashion & Apparel is -11% less than overall CPM

Offers by Vertical: What Do Holiday Shoppers Expect?

Pulling from our database of offers from 604 of ecommerce’s most successful brands, we broke it down using offer type by category.

For Apparel & Accessories, Sitewide and Select SKUs reigned supreme. Home Goods followed suit with Sitewide, Select SKUs, and None taking prominence. Select SKUs led the Children and Baby vertical. 

Sitewide sales dominated the Beauty, Food & Beverage, and Health & Wellness industries. Although None was just as dominant for the latter industries.

Black Friday Offer Type By Vertical comparing types none sitewide and select SKUs

Transitioning from Black Friday to Cyber Monday

What about the shift from Black Friday to Cyber Monday? How do online stores handle the different holidays? How do offers change?

We turned to the data. The majority of brands kept their initial Black Friday offer into Cyber Monday. But plenty experimented with new offer types for the subsequent holiday.

Focusing on Sitewide sales specifically, we looked at how often stores decided to either bump up (or bump down) discounts moving into Cyber Monday.

Many more stores felt comfortable offering No Discount for Cyber Monday after running a Sitewide offer for Black Friday.

Competitive analysis can help alleviate some of the uncertainty of the 2022 holiday season. What will your customers respond to most this year? Contact us to learn more about our data-backed approach to ecommerce growth.

Eager to learn more? Stay up to date on the latest happenings in the DTC universe by signing up for our newsletter or partnering with our team.

Melissa Rosen

Melissa Rosen is the Director of Marketing and Content at Common Thread Collective. Based in San Diego, California, she has spent the last decade exploring how to create engaging content that inspires, teaches, and entertains. Melissa can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn talking all things content, marketing, and ecommerce.

Special thanks to our friends at Common Thread Collective for their insights on this topic.
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