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Black Friday Deals – On ECommerce Tech

Nine Black Friday tech deals for eCommerce brands! (Black Friday isn't just for consumers 😃)

Chloe Thomas

Nov 20



Oct 23, 2023

November 20, 2023 2:36

Black Friday is a super busy time for anyone working in eCommerce – so we're going to keep this page to the point!

And that point is… we've got some AMAZING deals from some of our favourite tech partners for you, especially for Black Friday.

Taking advantage of these could save you £1,000s or $1,000s or €1,000s in 2024.

Take action NOW! Before these deals run out!

All are available 20 November 2023 until 1 December 2023 unless otherwise stated.

Moast – Black Friday Special: 60 Day Trial Period!

Get 30 days added to your trial period for a total of 60 days! Take advantage of our first (and maybe last?) Black Friday offer ever!

Hey eCommerce-Techer (is that what we call you? 😎), we're Moast 👋👋. Your loyal customers are your brand's most powerful advocates, why not put them to work?

Our tool helps explode your site's conversion rates. We do this through our embedded widgets that connect an “”undecided”” shopper with one of your existing happy customers in their community.

This unique and authentic experience adds trust and social proof to your shopping journey and helps convert more shoppers coming to your site.

Head over to our website to book a personalized demo and take advantage of our Black-Friday-special 60 day extended free trial!

How to claim Moast's Black Friday Deal:

  • Click here
  • Fill in the form!
  • Valid to 1st December 2023

Omnisend: 30% discount for the first 3 months of paid plans

Use code BFCM2023 to receive a 30% discount for the first 3 months subscription of a paid plan.

Omnisend is helping small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses around the world grow and retain their customer audience with easy-to-use email and sms marketing.

Get award-winning 24/7 support, even if you're on a free plan, take advantage of a gradual pricing scale, making paid plans affordable and fully adjustable to the business situation.

Easily integrate Omnisend to get more sales, in more ways, and build better customer loyalty.

How to claim Omnisend's Black Friday Deal:

  • Click here
  • Use code BFCM2023 when purchasing your subscription
  • The code expiration date is 31st Dec, 2023.

Use Fera – FREE – for 4 Months 

Get 4 months – FREE on ANY plan.  

In eCommerce, it's essential to capitalize on every advantage. Fera is your #1 ally in this quest!

Seamlessly collect and integrate genuine customer reviews from platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, AliExpresrs, and Etsy, all while preserving your brand's distinct style.

Trust is a driving force behind sales, and with Fera, you can effortlessly cultivate that trust.

Engage and incentivize customers, old and new, with review requests, discounts, and loyalty points.

BFCM is more than discounts—it's about authenticity and trust. So make sure you equip your store with Fera's unparalleled review management capabilities and watch your sales soar.

How to claim Fera's Black Friday Deal:

  • Click here
  • Sign up and get 4 months FREE on ANY plan
  • Sign up by November 30th to get this offer.
  • Only new signups are eligible for this offer.

Loop Subscriptions ~ 2 months free + complete white glove migration

Get 2 months free on fixed monthly charges when you sign up for next 12 months

Loop serves as a comprehensive subscription management application tailored for Shopify brands.

It empowers brands to transform the subscriber experience into an engaging journey by incorporating rewards, exclusive discounts, and complimentary gifts.

Leveraging Loop's capabilities, brands can effectively minimize customer churn by as much as 30% and boost the average order value by up to 20%.

With its user-friendly bundle builder and customer portal, Loop enables brands to enhance the overall subscriber interaction.

Seize the opportunity of the current offer on Loop's pricing to enjoy additional cost savings.

How to claim Loop Solutions Inc Black Friday Deal:

  • Click here and sign up
  • Then email sakshi.jain@loopwork.co and say
    “Hi Sakshi, I've just taking you up on your awesome eCommerce Tech Black Friday Deal – can you make it happen please?”
  • Offer ends 31st December.

Tidio ~ Save 25% on annual plans. Pay for 9 months and get 3 months FREE.

Save 25% on annual plans. Pay for 9 months and get 3 months FREE.

All-in-one customer experience solution with live chat, AI chatbots, and multichannel communication

Tidio is a robust and cost-effective customer service helpdesk, live chat, and conversational commerce tool that helps eCommerce merchants track conversations across email, SMS, Instagram, Messenger, Live Chat, and WhatsApp.

You can use their chat widget to help close sales on the site and remedy customer service issues coming into your inbox.

Their platform is intuitive and easy to learn without needing to schedule hours of onboarding with their team.

How to claim Tidio's Black Friday Deal:

Shipbob ~ $1,000 in free shipping credits

New merchants can get started with $1,000 in free shipping credits!

ShipBob is a global omnifulfillment platform that supports over 7,000 eCommerce brands with a global network of 50+ fulfillment centers across the US, Canada, UK, EU, and Australia.

By providing proprietary fulfillment software, comprehensive support, B2B and DTC expansion, and dozens of tech and retail partnerships, ShipBob enables brands to build a scalable, affordable fulfillment strategy and fulfill orders with seamless omnichannel connectivity.

Whether you operate your own warehouse, or want to outsource fulfillment completely, ShipBob is your partner in growth.

New merchants can start the New Year off right with $1000 in free shipping credits when they get started with ShipBob.

How to claim ShipBob's Black Friday Deal:

Quartile Advertising Tech ~ 35% off

Get 35% off for 3 months. To claim this discount click the link and sign up for a demo.

Quartile is the world’s largest e-commerce cross-channel advertising platform. Built on six patented machine learning technologies, the platform automates and optimizes e-commerce advertising on Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instacart, Walmart, and more.
• 2022 Amazon US Scaled Technology winner
• 5600+ brands worldwide (Thrasio, SmartyPants, VitaCup, UnderArmour, Black Rifle Coffee, Dude Wipes, Etc)
• $2B in Ad Spend under Managment
Why brands choose Quartile:
• 38% increase in Revenue
• 33% increase in Conversion rate
• 41% increase in ROAS
“Quartile’s Amazon Attributions integration put Facebook, Instagram, and Google engagement metrics alongside Amazon conversion and sales metrics. This allowed us to create a truly full-funnel strategy that led to over 100% sales growth for our brand on Amazon this year.” – SmartyPants Vitamins

How to claim Quartile's Black Friday Deal:

Route ~ FREE plan upgrade to improve your post-purchase customer experience.

Sign up for our Basic plan ($0) and get upgraded to our Pro plan for FREE ($4,188 value).

Route’s post-purchase experience platform is loved by brands and their customers. On the customer side, they can see their package status at every stop and if it gets lost, stolen, or damaged, they can conveniently resolve the issue from anywhere in just a few taps. On the Brand side, Route seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to handle claims, communications, instant replacements, and refunds—which are always paid by us. Retain 100% of your revenue, take on zero extra work, and keep your customers happy.

This free upgrade combines our world-class package protection with our immersive package tracking and re-marketing products. At face value, this deal saves $4,188 in an annual software fee while increasing customer satisfaction and profitability for your brand.

How to claim Route's Black Friday Deal:

SuperStore ~ 40% off + GUARANTEED positive ROI

Get 40% off any 12 month plan and we GUARANTEE a positive ROI or we will keep working with you for FREE until you are ROI positive.

SuperStore makes it easy to expand your product range with 1,000's of products from UK and US based sellers without any inventory or fulfilment cost.

Increase average order values with current customers and attract new customers with additional products lines.

SuperStore automates the fulfilment, accounting and customer service of these products so you can focus on your customer.

How to claim SuperStore's Black Friday Deal:

Special thanks to our friends at Ecommerce Tech for their insights on this topic.
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