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The Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Online

There is a common misconception in many blogging circles  that the only way to successfully increase traffic is through paid marketing campaigns and ads.  However, there are dozens of different ways for small blogs to increase their organic reach without spending a dime.

The key to getting thousands of shares from organic reach alone is to optimize the blog for social interaction.  When readers engage with the content,  they will share it online,  which in turn will result in many new visitors.

A blog does not have to have hundreds or thousands of readers in order to grow organically; in fact, even new blogs with very few readers can find success using the right strategies.  One of the best ways many bloggers find success and increase their organic reach is through using a number of tried and true tools that are designed with bloggers and social engagement in mind. Some of these tools include:

  • SumoMe Share
  • Buzzbundle
  • Scoop.it
  • Highlighter
  • Image Sharer

Each of these tools comes at no cost,  and are easy to use and learn. By using  a combination of these programs,  any blog can go from unknown to flourishing  in just a matter of weeks.

In addition to these tools which are specified for social engagement,  there are a number of ways that bloggers can make the most out of their current social media accounts in order to drive higher traffic numbers.

For example,  popular social media site Twitter has a relatively unknown feature called “Twitter Cards”  that can be used to drive interaction with a post on the platform. Twitter cards must be sent up as an ad feature, but can then be used without actually paying for advertising.

Twitter cards bring attention to the things that matter, and make it very easy for customers to interact with the content. Robbie Richards gives an excellent explanation of setting up Twitter cards here.

Influencers are an integral part of blogging, as they define the trends of the market and assist new bloggers with reaching larger audiences. If you have posted an article that mentions an influencer, be sure to mention them on social media, too. While not guaranteed, this could garner a share from the influencer, which in turn will lead to better outreach.

In addition to social media, another useful tool for blog post promotion is Buzzbundle, a tool that compares different blogs, social networks, and forum for keywords and other integral SEO factors. By using this program, bloggers can learn which keywords work, and which competitors are taking advantage of those keywords. The blogger can then incorporate that into their own content, in turn improving reach of their post.

Email outreach is one of the oldest marketing strategies used in eCommerce, and while other effective methods have been created over time, email marketing still has its place.

By establishing a large list of active subscribers, bloggers can begin reaching larger and larger audiences with each new post as long as new people are subscribing. It gives the blogger a number to go off of when creating new content and crafting new outreach strategies, making email outreach through newsletters to subscribers very important.

One of the most under-appreciated social media networks on the web today is Google Plus, particularly its “Communities” feature. Google’s Communities can be used to find others interested in your niche and reach out to them with your content.

LinkedIn Groups works very similarly to Google’s Communities, and the same strategies can be applied. Simply find a relative niche, promote your content in the group, mention all references in the post, and begin to see higher traffic.

By utilizing basic social media tips such as posting at the right times of day and pinning important Tweets to the top of your Twitter, these tips for blog promotion should see steady growth in readership when applied correctly.

It’s important to reach out to advocates for a little help in getting your content seen. Talk to your friends and co-workers and ask if they would be willing to share your content. They will probably say yes, and it’s a great way to get the ball rolling.

Reaching out to influencers is important as well, although less simple as asking your friends for support. Despite the chance of rejection, it is absolutely necessary that all bloggers looking to see growth reach out to influencers in their niche in order to being speaking to a larger audience.

It’s not enough to post your link on social media once and then leave it; in fact, you should re-post the content several times after it has been published to ensure it reaches its full potential audience. Don’t overdo it, but every few day or so, try to drive traffic to the post through social media.

Finally, it’s important to understand what is working and what isn’t. If certain strategies are not succeeding, focus your energy on the one’s that are, and re-approach the other method differently at another time. Focus convincing readers to share your work through image sharing links and in-post sharing, and take note of sharing trends with your articles. Change what needs to be changed, and continue working with what works.

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