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Blogger Outreach and How it Can Help Your Business


There are nearly limitless ways that companies can market themselves online using a number of free and paid tools, however one of the best ways to market oneself continually proves to be through outreach to other bloggers and e-commerce entrepreneurs on the web.

By reaching out to others, eCommerce entrepreneurs can make connections with other professionals in their field and begin to reach a new audience that they may not have reached otherwise. Unfortunately, many eCommerce entrepreneurs find outreach to be one of the most difficult ways to market themselves, but there are a number of tips and tricks that can make the process easier for anyone looking to utilize this as part of their marketing strategy.

Outreach is not one-size-fits-all, and there are many different types of outreach that can be utilized by eCommerce entrepreneurs, each of which having their own benefits. This can include writing a guest post for a popular blog, contacting experts in the field for ideas, and asking for product reviews by bloggers with a relevant audience. In addition to these types of outreach many eCommerce entrepreneurs find that affiliate programs are one of the best ways to work with bloggers to build both their brand and the brand of the blogger. Finding affiliates can take some time, but once a trusting relationship has been established, the partnership can prove to be highly beneficial to both parties involved.

Once an entrepreneur organization has an idea of which type of outreach they would like to partake in, there are a number of ways they can make the most out of their partnership and begin to see the best results from their marketing tactics. The first step is to research bloggers. It's important to know which bloggers are relevant in an entrepreneur's field before reaching out, there's no use in reaching out to a blogger with a small audience or an audience that is not relevant to the product or service being sold.

Once a list of potential bloggers has been made, it’s time to contact each party and discuss ideas. Some will be interested, but don’t be surprised if some turn down the offer – some bloggers do not wish to promote others, but many are on board with the idea. When contacting bloggers, it’s important to explain why they have been contacted, and ask what they would like in return for working together. The benefit to each party should be explained in detail, and the message should be written in a professional manner.

If you don't get an email back right away, don't get discouraged. Many bloggers are busy and they do tend to lose emails in their inbox over time. If you did not receive a timely response to your first email, feel free to send a follow-up message politely addressing the topic again. Offer a free product or sample, and reiterate why the partnership will be beneficial to both parties.

Blogger outreach takes time, and will likely result in rejection at some point. That being said, the tips above will make the process easier than ever, and are sure to result in a higher rate of positive responses from blogger outreach.
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