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How to Boost Your AdWords Quality Score



As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you're probably familiar with AdWords – Google's wildly popular ad program. Entrepreneurs and bloggers can post AdWords postings on their website and earn revenue per click, or they can create their own AdWords campaigns in order to reach out to others with their message. We're going to talk about how you can improve your AdWords campaigns in order to improve your click-through rates and rank your ads more highly.


What Makes a High Quality AdWords Account?

AdWords has a unique feature known as the “AdWords Performance Grader.” This feature allows advertisers to determine the effectiveness of their AdWords account based on a number of factors. By using the Performance Grader, you can more easily determine which strategies are working for you and which can be improved. The metrics used to determine the quality of you AdWords account include:


  • Click through rates (CTR) – Click through rates are without a doubt the most important factor in determining your AdWord's campaign quality. By using targeted, relevant keywords, you can improve your CTR exponentially. When your ads are reaching their designated audience, they will result in very high CTR. This tells the Performance Grader that your ads are effective and relevant to their audience, which in turn makes them high quality ads.


  • Use of long-tail keywords – You're probably familiar with targeted and branded keywords, but have you researched long-tail keywords? When people search the internet, they commonly search for entire phrases as opposed to single words. For instance, you may have searched “how to improve AdWords campaign,” and found this article as a result. Commonly searched for phrases are known as “long-tail keywords,” and their specificity makes them an excellent choice for targeting the right audience. When you include many long-tail keywords, your quality score will improve drastically.
  • Text optimization – The best way to reach your target audience is to optimize your ad campaigns. You should continually run A/B tests to determine which ads are more effective than others. This process works more effectively when you have more ads to test, so it's imperative that you run more ads than you'd think are necessary in order to improve your quality score. Many of your ads should be text ads – run A/B tests on these ads to see which work most effectively with your audience, and improve your ads as the results indicate.
  • Dedicated account activity – Are you continually optimizing your AdWords account? According to our data, only 10 percent of advertizers work to optimize their AdWords campaigns on a consistent basis throughout a three-month period. If you regularly maintain your account and make necessary improvements, your account quality score will rise. Consistency is key for this metric, so make an effort to log into your AdWords account on a daily or semi-daily basis in order to make changes and optimize your campaigns.
  • Adherence to best practices – AdWords offers a list of “best practices” all advertisers should adhere to. This list includes a number of tips you can use to improve the performance of your ads, and by meeting every requirement on the list of best practices, you can greatly enhance the performance of your AdWords campaigns.


There are a number of other metrics the Performance Grader uses to evaluate your account, but the above list are the most important.


How does a High Quality Score Impact the Performance of your AdWords Campaign?

Now that you know what goes into establishing a high quality AdWords score, how will your score impact your AdWords campaign? In short, the more effective your ads are, the less you'll pay-per-click each month. You'll attract more visitors and pay less to do so, making it worth your time to improve the quality of your AdWords.


What are your strategies for a successful AdWords campaign? Have you had success improving your AdWords quality score? Let us know in the comments below!


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