Boost Sales With Thoughtful Discounting Strategies That Don’t Diminish Brand Value

I discovered a promo code that boosts sales without diminishing brand value.

Sales and promos have been a go-to retail strategy since the beginning of the modern shopping era.  If not executed properly, however, discounts can diminish a brands’ polished image. DTC companies tend to treat sales like a taboo. Still, well thought out deals can be a game-changer when it comes to increasing customer acquisition and loyalty and ultimately driving revenue. 

In short, it’s time to ditch the ‘never-go-on-sale’ rule. To stand out in a saturated season of mega sales spurred by Prime Day and an all-new Black Friday, it’s in your brands’ best interest to offer consumers the deals they’re hungry for. 

If you’re not sure where to start, MuteSix can help. After nearly eight years and over $4B in revenue for DTC, we are experts in scaling campaigns with promo strategies that elevate your brand. 

Make It Love At First Sight

Let’s talk about thoughtful, evergreen strategies. 

You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel when something so simple is proven to yield results. The tried-and-true practice in enticing new customers is a first-time purchase discount. A 15% offer and free shipping are generally all it takes to convince a shopper to hit ‘complete order.’ 

Another solid play is the Gift With Purchase (GWP) route, but don’t be cheap about it. A GWP can increase your AOV with the right product and creative. Double-check your inventory, plan a dedicated GWP campaign, and, most importantly, make it cool. Both the GWP itself and corresponding creative should be on-brand and aspirational. 

For example, active apparel company Surfstitch has a GWP page on their site that feels authentic to their branding and unique shopping experience. 

It’s also important to read the room. Offer a timely product that fits what the customer wants and needs – like Buttercloth, who currently offers a free face mask with every purchase. They’ve seen a 23% lift in conversion rate since adding the GWP. 

Referral programs (i.e., send your pal $10 off to get a $20 credit) are another low-lift approach to using discounts for acquiring new customers while keeping your existing base happy. 

Discounts Are For Winners

Once you’ve pulled in the newcomers, you have to keep them coming back. Loyalty programs can make it happen without tarnishing your brand’s reputation as The Cool Kid. Consumers love them – everyone wants to feel like a VIP. Discounts are attractive when they’re exclusive, and brands that take a personalized approach see the highest retention rates. 

Syncing your promotions around existing shopping holidays is another way to offer sales without diminishing an elevated image. Black Friday, for example, has no impact on how customers view your brand. 

Timing your discounts around big promotional days is an easy, low-risk way to capture revenue. Just make sure to stay away from complicated offers. Instead, use sitewide offers or spend more / get more tiered sales. Update your creative and ads to reflect any deals, and use popup strategies and experience takeovers to communicate the details. 

Sales might have been a negative sign a few years ago, even leading to the demise of once-beloved retailers. But now that everyone is doing it, brands don’t have a choice but to follow along. 

We’re not saying you need a tacky ‘ALL ITEMS MUST GO!’ banner flashing across your site. A tasteful promo that aligns with your branding and voice can make your customers feel seen and valued. 

Sales Are Friends, Not Foes

sales are friends not foes

It’s time to accept that ‘sale’ is no longer a dirty word in the DTC club. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your current discounting strategy or introduce one before the Black Friday madness begins, think of MuteSix as your one-stop-shop solution. 

We’ve scaled some of the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce brands, and we can get you there, too, with our team of seasoned experts and top-tier partner network. Moreover, our award-winning, in-house creative team is 60-members strong and is known to create content that converts. 

If you’re interested in taking the next step in growing your business, send us a note here

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Special thanks to our friends at MuteSix for their insights on this topic.
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