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Boost your 4th of July sales in 2020 with these holiday-themed templates!

Boost your 4th of July sales in 2020 with email and web push templates.

Independence Day 2020 is just around the corner and we have a range of 4th of July templates for you to help you boost your Shopify sales! These include several SMS and web push templates, along with an email template. Now is the time to be setting up your campaigns ready for the many Americans who will be expecting to take advantage of fantastic deals offered by their favorite stores!

4th of July templates

See our SMS, web push and email templates below for you to use in your Firepush marketing campaigns. Each one is designed to help you make more 4th of July sales. All you need to do is copy and paste any you like, tailor the text to include the specific details of your store’s sale and you’re ready to go!

SMS templates

By the very nature of them, SMS messages have to be short and are therefore easily digestible. They’re also highly noticeable, compared to other channels – in fact, SMS messages boast an amazing open rate of 98% and click-through rates of more than 30%. So sending your subscribers a Happy 4th of July SMS message is a no brainer! View our SMS templates below:

  • Happy 4th July! We’re celebrating independence with a star-spangled store-wide sale! Get 40% off everything until 5th July. Grab code: July4 [add URL]
  • Let’s celebrate freedom with some freebies! Grab this code: July4 to get a free gift with any purchase you make this Independence Day! [add URL]
  • Get FREE shipping this 4th July on any item in-store. Use this code at the checkout: July4 [add URL]

Web push notification templates

Web push messages provide a great way to get in front of your customers quickly, directly through their web browser. Conversion rates can be around 30%! Here are three templates you can use or tweak:

  • Title: Star-spangled sale! 40% off everything! Message: Happy Independence Day! Get 40% off everything until 5th July with this special code: July4 [add URL]

Firepush web push 4th of July 40% sale notification example

  • Title: Celebrate freedom with FREEBIES! Message: Grab this code: July4 to get a free gift with any purchase you make this Independence Day! [add URL]

Firepush web push 4th of July exclusive offer notification example

  • Title: FREE shipping this 4th July! Message: Feel free this Independence day with free shipping when you buy anything in store! Use July4 at the checkout. [add URL]

Firepush web push 4th of July free shipping notification example

Email templates

While SMS and web push notifications are ideal for sending instant messages to your customers, email marketing enables you to reach those subscribers who prefer to get their communications delivered straight to their inbox, where they can read them later.

Email marketing offers plenty of flexibility in terms of design. You can include images, gifs and even videos alongside your content – and there’s no limit to the amount of text either. Here’s a 4th of July email marketing template to help you get started below:

Subject line: Get 40% off in our star-spangled 4th of July sales!

Hi! Happy 4th July!

To celebrate Independence Day, we’re offering a fantastic store-wide sale where you can get 40% off everything in-store!

See our sale products here: [add URL].

Or browse our full range! [add URL].

But hurry – this sale will only be on until 5th July!

[Your store name]

4th of July campaign tips

We’ve shared a couple of tips below to help you make your marketing campaigns as successful as possible. Act on these now, so that your campaigns are ready to launch on 4th July!

Tip 1: Set up your 4th of July campaigns in advance

We recommend scheduling your 4th of July campaigns ahead of time in order to maximize your sales. We looked at Google search trends for 4th of July and found that people tend to search for Independence Day deals in the weeks and days leading up to the main event. So you could start making your subscribers aware now that you’ll be holding a sale they won’t want to miss!

Google search trends for 4th of July 2018 and 2019 graph

The most cost-effective strategy is to send out your email and web push notification campaigns first before using SMS, the latter being highly effective but more expensive.

On the 4th of July itself, schedule your email and/or web push campaign to go out at 12 pm. Then follow up an hour or two later by sending out an SMS to all subscribers who haven’t already purchased from your 4th of July sales.

You can easily filter your subscribers in Firepush. When setting up your SMS campaign, include a filter on recipients who haven’t placed an order within the last 24 hours. This is a good example of how Firepush helps you combine different channels so that they work in tandem with each other to deliver a cohesive and personalized omnichannel experience for your customers.

Firepush SMS channel campaign filter for customers which did not bought anything in the last 24 hoursSource: Firepush (adding a filter to SMS subscribers).

Tip 2: Set up abandoned cart alerts in advance

A good way to retarget store visitors is by sending out abandoned cart reminders. Whenever a subscriber leaves an item in their cart, you can automatically trigger an alert that reminds them to complete with their purchase. During your 4th of July sales, you’ll have more traffic visiting your store, so now’s an ideal time to make use of all the automations available in Firepush.

We recommend setting up a series of three abandoned cart automations as follows:

  • 1st alert – trigger it to send at either 30 mins or 50 mins following cart abandonment.
  • 2nd alert – this one should be sent out at eight hours after cart abandonment. Include a discount code with a countdown timer to encourage would-be buyers to head quickly to the checkout page.
  • 3rd alert – send out a final reminder at 23 hours following cart abandonment.

Maximize your sales with a 4th July marketing campaign

Independence Day is likely to be celebrated differently this year, with many people avoiding public gatherings and staying at home instead. This shift in behaviour presents you with a good opportunity!

Many people will already be planning for the 4th July festivities, and may have already started shopping online, so if you’re going to run a sale, why not send out a “teaser” campaign to let your subscribers know that something exciting is coming their way?

We hope you find this article helpful and that these templates and tips help to boost your 4th of July sales!

If you haven’t already, download Firepush today and try it for free to see how it can benefit your store.

This article originally appeared in the FirePush blog and has been published here with permission.

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