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Boost Your Shopify Sales with Browse Abandonment Email Automations

A woman sits in a yellow chair in a coffee shop, browsing her Shopify store.

Browse abandonment emails are the sister to abandoned cart automations that don’t get the attention they deserve. These emails trigger when customers browse items online without adding them to their cart. While an average of 12% of customers abandon carts, a whopping 39% of customers will browse products without making a purchase. That’s a lot of potential revenue you can generate with a simple browse abandonment automation. Let’s dive into why these automations are essential for every Shopify merchant.

Why Browse Abandonment Emails are the Key to Driving More Sales

According to Salecycle, browse abandonment emails average a 12% conversion rate, meaning that for every 1000 visitors that leave your Shopify store, you could be making an additional 120 sales – money otherwise left on the table.

Since browse abandonment automations are set to send based on unique customer actions, you increase the chances of a customer opening and clicking because of the relevant timing and targeted messaging. Think about it this way: let’s say Sarah is a potential customer and views a sweater on your store but doesn’t add it to her cart. Your trusty browse abandonment automation then sends her a reminder email a day later with the subject line: “Sarah, we love your style”. Chances are, Sarah will open the email and start browsing your shop again. If you didn’t have a browse abandonment automation set up, there’s a chance you’d never see Sarah again.

By setting up a browse abandonment automation, you’ll increase the chances of potential and current customers converting, in a hands off way.

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How to Level Up Your Browse Abandonment Email Templates

As with all automation template design, it’s best to keep your emails personalized, on brand, and concise. With browse abandonment emails, stick to a main CTA to shop now so it’s easy for customers to quickly scan the email and click-through. You can also include ‘add to cart’ links under each item to make it convenient for customers to checkout, similar to how I Love Ugly has done in their browse abandonment template.


If you’re looking to step up your browse abandonment emails, here are three simple ways to make your brand stand out and encourage customers to purchase:

Recommended Products

Take your browse abandonment email to the next level with a recommended products block. These blocks automatically pull in related items to the products your customer browse abandoned –  most ESPs (including Hive!) offer this block in their template editors. By including recommended products, you may pique the customers interest with an item they may have missed when browsing your site!

Popular Products

Similar to the recommended products block, the popular products block pulls in your top-selling items. Your popular products are top-sellers for a reason and chances are, customers will likely purchase them after seeing them in your email. Sunday Somewhere’s browse abandonment email does a great job of incorporating their popular items, with a simple ‘You may also like’ header.

Offer a Discount

Who doesn’t like a discount? In the case that a customer browsed an item but didn’t want to pay full price, offering a discount in your browse abandonment email is a great way to sweeten the deal.

We recommend setting up a multi-step browse abandonment series, where the first email is a general reminder email (like the examples we’ve shown above), and the latter email includes a discount. This way, you can capture price-sensitive customers through the series, but maximize your overall revenue.

Wrap Up

Browse abandonment automations are an effective way to engage potential customers who’ve shown an interest in your brand and your products. Though these emails aren’t offered directly in your Shopify account, many ESPs (including Hive) have abandoned cart email automations pre-built and easily customized. Want to know more about how to effectively set one up? Check out these Best Practises for Browse Abandonment Email Series (With Examples) and you’ll become a pro in no time.

This article was originally published by our friends at Hive.co

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