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Brand Update: We Are Amaze


We are excited to share that we are updating the company name from Famous to Amaze! This shift solidifies our vision to be the leading no-code design software with powerful yet simple tools that enable anyone to create and sell anything everywhere – with beautiful experiences that amaze your customers.

As the head of the commerce stack, Amaze enables brands and creators in the fast-growing social commerce space with smart, customizable design templates, unique and immersive shopping experiences, and shoppable content offerings that make them stand out.

Our platform continues to expand with tools that allow for a variety of integrations – including with Shopify and 99Designs currently – as well as connectivity, design, and marketing capabilities. Amaze reflects this next strategic evolution of our product and brand to serve the needs of today’s – and tomorrow’s – ecommerce industry.

“As we think about the future of commerce, we realize that most products available today are meant to interact with large commerce platforms. With Amaze, we want to democratize immersive, premium shopping experiences and bring the power of social and mobile commerce to everyone,” said Aaron Day, CEO of Amaze.

“While creating beautiful, easy-to-use mobile shopping experiences continues to be at the core of what we do, we also want to empower creators, entrepreneurs, and brands with the advanced tools they need to streamline and connect their experiences across various social and mobile channels – without the need for technical skills or custom integrations.”

Amaze helps anyone easily start and grow an online business, create high-quality, mobile-first experiences through customized design templates, and ultimately drive customer engagement, conversions, and sales.

This originally appeared on Famous.co and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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