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Brands Crushing BFCM Prep


Two tactics from DTC brand Vessi that we’re LOVING:

Number 1: The waterproof sneaker brand, automatically applies a $25 gift card to purchases greater than $110.

It’s a great tactic for putting $$$ in people’s pockets prior to BFCM in order to get them to come back and spend more.

If people have “free” money, it decreases the friction of spending more money. Repeat purchasers through the roof! 🚀

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Number 2: Vessi always tries to provide value to their communities. Recently they ran an Instagram giving away 200 free pairs of shoes.

The first 100 pairs were first-come, first-serve, which created massive urgency to kick things off.

The second 100 were selected at random to give everyone a chance.

To enter, contestants had to give Vessi their information including email so if you didn’t win, they hit you with a great email flow encouraging you to purchase.

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This is a GREAT list building exercise prior to BF/CM.

There’s still time to do this for your own brand!

Special thanks to our friends at Pilothouse for their insights on this topic.
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