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Bring Back Unhappy Customers With Bulk Messaging

Bring Back Unhappy Customers With Bulk Messaging
High angle view of bulk sms proactive messaging example.

The modern buyer has high expectations when it comes to great customer service. From solving their issues as quickly as possible to creating a personalized customer experience, it’s important to consistently keep your CS playbook up to date with how to fulfill the latest expectations.

On the rare occasion your company may fall short, there is a solution to bring back unhappy customers and possibly even get ahead of a problem before it starts: proactive customer service through bulk messaging. Proactive messaging, specifically bulk sms marketing, allows you to integrate proactive customer support into your business. In this blog, we’re delving into how you can use this tool to reach more customers and even bring back unsatisfied ones.

What Is Bulk Messaging?

Bulk messaging isa service that allows you to communicate with and manage customers in bulk across multiple channels. A key component in the modern age of messaging, you can send messages to multiple channels at the same time, while tailoring your message for each channel. Kustomer’s robust customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which provides a streamlined 360-degree view of all customer transactions and interactions, features this bulk messaging service.

When businesses take the extra step to reach out to customers or anticipate potential concerns before the buyer even needs to inquire, they are proactively engaging their client. Through bulk messaging, you can tailor your message for each channel and perform any combination of the bulk operations with a single click.

With original Kustomer research showing 77% of consumers appreciating when businesses communicate with them in a proactive and personalized way, it’s important to incorporate bulk messaging into your proactive CS plan.

What are the Benefits of Bulk Messaging?

  1. Gain a Competitive Edge Through Data Driven Bulk Messaging

Bulk messaging allows you to reach thousands of customers with one message all at the same time. It also provides you with the option to segment them so you can tailor your message to each specific group, providing both proactive and personalized CS.

Let’s say, for example, you have a group of clients with a low customer satisfaction score (CSAT): a customer experience metric that measures their happiness with a product, service, or support interaction through a satisfaction survey. You know the importance of measuring customer service performance and have acquired these scores through your CRM. In an effort to bring back these unhappy customers, you send them all a bulk email offering them exclusive early access to your website’s spring sale. 

In this scenario, you’re using bulk messaging as an effective email customer service strategy and combating an issue by proactively engaging with a group of customers you were able to identify through data-driven personalization. When companies are able to reach a lot of people at once and optimize their collected data to customize their support messaging, they gain a competitive edge over similar brands who aren’t using these tools.

  1. Bulk SMS Marketing is Highly Effective

Bulk SMS marketing is highly effective when it comes to both reaching and engaging customers. Original Kustomer research shows that text messaging is one of the most frequently checked channels by customers, with 52% checking multiple times per day. Not only are customers checking these business text messages, but they’re also responding most frequently via text than any other channel, including email. With these statistics in mind, you want to make sure you’re specifically using bulk SMS messaging as a marketing tactic.

A great example is prompting customers to sign up for text messages so they can be the first to know when a sold out product comes back in stock. You can use bulk messaging to text this group of customers who have opted in, encouraging them to go directly to the item on your website to purchase it before it sells out again. Although your business may be texting a large number of people at once, it feels like a personal invitation to the buyer who is eagerly awaiting this restock.

  1. Measurable ROI Through CRM

Not only is bulk messaging a highly effective marketing tactic, it’s also a cost effective one that yields a high return on investment (ROI). Bulk messaging requires less resources, effort and cost to produce impactful results than trying to reach someone via voice call, or, specifically with bulk SMS marketing, failing to stand out in someone’s overloaded inbox.

Businesses can use the data compiled in their CRM to measure the results of bulk messaging and shift their strategy accordingly. Take the example of the bulk message your business sent out to the group of customers with a low CSAT granting them early access to the spring sale on your website. The CRM data can show you whether or not those customers actually used their early access permissions to purchase a product from the sale.

If they did, you can presume you’ve successfully brought those unhappy customers back and can accurately measure your ROI on that bulk message. If they did not, you might consider shifting your tactic and sending an additional bulk message with a 20% discount code on top of the already marked-down items. Either way, you’re able to quantify the results of your proactive messaging with a robust CRM (like Kustomer’s!).

What Is the Best Way to Perform Bulk Messaging?

Sending bulk messages is quick and simple. Selecting your customers is the first step. As always, your CS should be data driven and that data should inform which customers receive what messaging. Choose the search query you want to use to select the customers, or create a new search query to segment the customers you want to message based on your data-driven segmentation.

Once you’ve decided which customers you want to send your bulk message to and why, it’s time to compose your message. Remember that personalization is key. You’ve narrowed down your audience for a specific purpose, so be sure to make that purpose clear, concise, and tailored to them. Be mindful that if you’re sending bulk emails, it’s important to avoid messaging that triggers SPAM complaints, such as sending right on the hour or poor coding.

Lastly, if you’d like to send out a bulk message to a list of users that are on a CSV, you can import your data with the CSV uploader in Kustomer’s CRM. The new import will open a newly created search. You can then send bulk messages to customers in that search.

Get Bulk Messaging Through Kustomer’s CRM

Grow your business with proactive messaging and bring back unhappy customers through the bulk messaging feature in Kustomer’s CRM — the top-rated CRM for customer service, delivering faster, richer experiences to your customers with omnichannel messaging, a unified customer view and AI-powered automations. Request a live, personalized demo of the features within the top-rated modern CRM for customer service.

Special thanks to our friends at Kustomer for their insights on this topic.
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