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Bring Product Pages to Life with Built-In Support for 3D Models and Video

The bag is displayed on top of a marble pedestal, bringing the product page to life with built-in support for 3D models and video.

Your customers make most of their purchasing decisions on your product pages, from judging the quality of your products to picking the right size, color, or variant.

Compelling copy and clean photography are often what bring your products to life in the best light, making the decision to “add to cart” easier for customers. But today, we're adding a new dimension to product pages with built-in support for 3D models and video.

Now you can upload a 3D model or video directly to your product pages as easily as an image—without the need for custom code or a third-party app.

Update your theme

3D models let customers “try” before they buy

3D media is now supported across all major browsers and devices.
Visit Rebecca Minkoff to see it in action.

In 2018, we announced Shopify AR, empowering merchants to produce 3D models for augmented reality (AR) experiences through the Shopify Experts marketplace. And already, 3D models in AR have been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 250% on product pages.

How 3D and AR are improving conversion rates for Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff has been using 3D models on their product pages since Fall of last year. They found that visitors who interacted with a 3D model were 44% more likely to add a product to their cart and 27% more likely to place an order than visitors who didn’t. And when visitors viewed a product in AR, they became 65% more likely to make a purchase.

“At a time when the savvy fashion shopper wants to be able to connect with a brand's persona, understand the texture and structure of every bag, and envision how they'd feel wearing each piece in a collection, we're excited to host video and 3D within our Shopify ecommerce site to bring shoppers that much closer to Rebecca Minkoff designs.”

—Uri Minkoff, CEO of Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff Logo

As assets, 3D models offer more flexible customization and lower costs in the long-term compared to traditional photography. That’s because the same 3D model—like the one created by CGTrader for Rebecca Minkoff above—can be used to generate: 

  • Photorealistic images 
  • Color variations 
  • Lifestyle shots 
  • Augmented reality experiences
  • Virtual reality experiences 
  • Animations 
  • And more

Skilled 3D designers can create photorealistic 3D models with just 3-5 product images captured with a smartphone. High-quality 3D models look as real as professional photos and can eliminate the need for costly studio photography.

Dalia Lasaite, CEO of CGTrader

A flexible new media format with many applications

3D models are not just a gimmick. They offer a variety of practical benefits for both business owners and shoppers.

Bumbleride has been an early adopter of this technology, implementing 3D models in their store to help customers shop their eco-friendly strollers.

“One of our customers' most frequently asked questions is about dimensions for when the stroller is folded to be stowed,” says Bumbleride’s Chief Customer Officer Ryan Wilson. “Now, customers won't need to rely on a detailed list of text-based measurements as 3D models allow users to not only look at our product from angles they might not have been able to see in photos but to also view the product in augmented reality to see for themselves if it fits in their trunk or home.”

After implementing 3D models in their store, Bumbleride saw a conversion rate increase of 33% for strollers and increased time on page of up to 21%.

Get a 30% discount on 3D models

For a limited time, CGTrader is offering Shopify merchants a 30% discount on 3D models for any orders of 5 or more products. This promotion ends on April 15, 2020. Request your models today!

Request 3D models

Built-in video support lets you showcase products in context

Today, video plays a pivotal role as a marketing asset on social media, in crowdfunding campaigns, your homepage, and more. But on product pages, they can help create demand for your products right at the point of purchase.

Instead of requiring a third-party app or an embed code to incorporate video into your product pages, you can now upload videos directly to Shopify to surface your: 

  • Explainer videos 
  • Teasers 
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials 
  • Product demonstrations
  • And more

We've always incorporated video to showcase all the different features and functionalities of our strollers, but to do so, we used to have a custom code overlay with a Vimeo embed. The ability to natively upload video is going to make this process so much cleaner for both us and our customers.

Ryan Wilson, Chief Customer Officer of Bumbleride

Getting your store ready to display 3D and video content

In your Shopify store, you’ll notice that the “Images” section in the product page editor is now called “Media” to reflect the new ability to upload videos and 3D models. Once uploaded, they’ll appear in the carousel of your product pages for customers to browse through. 

By adding built-in support for 3D models and videos in Shopify, we wanted to equip merchants with the tools to make customers feel closer to their products. 

To start taking advantage of this feature, you may need to make a small modification to your theme to enable it in your online storefront. You can follow our guide to learn how or hire a Shopify Expert to help.

Update your theme

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This article originally appeared in the Shopify blog and has been published here with permission.

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