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BROWN GIRL Jane Disrupts The Beauty Industry With Route


The company was founded right before the pandemic, which illuminated a shift in buying patterns. CEO and Founder Malaika Jones stated, “Wellness moved from a nice-to-have to a must-have.” As a new-to-the-market beauty brand, the founders embraced community elements and purposely work to highlight racial disparities and support Black-owned businesses. The company continued to grow through innovative partnerships with brands such as Birchbox and Unilever, further propelling the company into the limelight. 

Increased awareness brought an exciting time for BROWN GIRL Jane: more press and more orders meant a large amount of lost packages. Morgan Dewberry, Head of Operations, recalls that period being difficult. “I was spending up to several hours every day tracking down lost packages. Then, I’d go back to the fulfillment center and play a waiting game.” Resolution could take upwards of a week and Morgan, responsible for customer service, knew this wasn’t an ideal situation. 

Morgan would act as a liaison between fulfillment centers, the carrier, and her customers. The team knew If the package was located and heading back to a center, they would send out a new one, usually attached with a promotional code for the long wait. Providing an optimal customer experience was cutting into costs, and with quite a few lost packages, it was not very sustainable for a growing business.

This originally appeared on Route and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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