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Celebrate Your Love Story: Browse Engagement Ring Collections

Shopping for an engagement ring is a thrilling adventure, whether you go alone or take your partner to pick a perfect jewel.

Many couples choose the latter after popping the question in the spur of the moment or mutually deciding to spend the rest of their lives together.

However, finding the one ring to rule them all may take time. After all, your future fiancée (fingers crossed) will wear it forever. No pressure.

Whether you explore jewelry stores solo or with your partner, the following guidelines will help you streamline the search and find the perfect engagement ring faster. Let’s dive in.

Could you check for an exchange or return policy?

We know you don’t want to consider returning or selling an engagement ring. You haven’t even bought one yet. However, preparing for every outcome is wise. Hopefully, your partner will say “Yes,” but ensuring you don’t lose money if they refuse your proposal is rational. Enter a return or exchange policy.

On a brighter note, this policy is also handy if your future fiancée doesn’t like the ring. They can exchange it for a perfect fit if the store allows it or return it to find another elsewhere.

Browsing engagement ring collections with your significant other may take some pressure off, relieving you of the burden of picking a ring they might not love. However, if you don’t want to ruin the surprise or have yet to propose, ask the store’s policy on exchange or returns, just in case.

1. Get an accurate ring measurement

This part can be tricky if you don’t shop for an engagement ring as a couple. However, you can measure your partner’s ring finger by sneakily getting a piece from their collection to take with you on your hunt for the engagement ring.

The good news is your chosen jewelry store can resize the ring if necessary.

2. Choose a ring metal

Your partner’s style should dictate your choice regarding the ring metal. For instance, gold is the most prevalent option, but does your significant other like white, yellow, or rose gold?

Sterling silver is a more affordable option, but if budget isn’t a constraint, you can consider platinum or palladium. However, as the rarest metals, they’re the most expensive.

Does your partner lead an active lifestyle or have a physical job? Stainless steel might be ideal because of its durability and scratch resistance. It’s also affordable and perfect for those with skin sensitivity to other metals. Cobalt and titanium are also excellent (durable and low-maintenance) considerations.

However, remember that stainless steel, cobalt, and titanium aren’t resizable.

3. Pick a dazzling gemstone.

Now for the fun (and most challenging) part. What gemstone are you looking for in an engagement ring? Do you want a diamond, a timeless classic? Maybe a moissanite, a diamond doppelgänger with the same glamor but a more affordable price tag?

Do you want a head-turning sapphire, a luxurious emerald, or a royal amethyst? How about a passionate ruby, an opulent lapis lazuli, or a feminine morganite?

The abundant engagement ring gemstones can overwhelm you, but your partner’s style and favorite color can guide you. 

To buy a diamond, you can learn about the four Cs of diamond quality before shopping. They include the cut, clarity, carat, and color.

Once you pick the most breathtaking stone, consider its shape and size. Again, let your partner’s preferences be your North Star. They might love a showy ring, a delicate gem that speaks to their feminine side, or something in between.

4. Consider the setting

An engagement ring setting holds the gemstone in place. For instance, a four-prong or six-prong ring setting is perfect for a round stone, while a similar solitaire can highlight any jewel. The bezel is better for marquise or princess cuts because it encases sharp corners.

The halo is another prominent option, featuring a center jewel in a circle of smaller gems. You can also get a ring with a three-stone setting, where side stones don’t necessarily need to match the centerpiece’s color.

Do you want a more dramatic look? Opt for a cluster ring setting featuring multiple smaller gems that create the illusion of one statement piece.

5. Ask for a certificate

Certificate grading shouldn’t be the determining factor. However, you don’t want a potentially shady jewelry store to charge you a significant amount for a low-quality gemstone, saying it’s the real deal.

Ask for a certificate from an accredited lab like the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or the AGS (American Gem Society). They’re your best bet for buying a high-quality engagement ring and avoiding stores that offer fakes and tell you they’re legit.


Whichever engagement ring you choose, you’ll give your partner a timeless piece symbolizing your promise of lifetime commitment and love. That alone will make them fall in love with it.

Still, the tips above will point you in the right direction. They’re invaluable if you don’t know anything about engagement rings. Following them will help you pick a stunning piece that radiates charm and elegance. However, you can always get a custom ring as unique as your love story.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the correct ring size without my partner knowing?
You can discreetly borrow one of their rings and use it as a reference or consult with friends and family for insights.

What are the four Cs of diamond quality?
The four Cs are Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color, critical in evaluating a diamond's quality and value.

Is it better to shop for an engagement ring together or to surprise my partner?
This depends on personal preference. Some couples enjoy choosing together, while others prefer the surprise element.

How do I choose between a diamond and other gemstones?
Please take a look at your partner's style and preferences. Diamonds are classic, but other gemstones can offer unique beauty and meaning.

What is the significance of the ring metal?
The metal affects the ring's appearance, durability, and maintenance requirements.

How can I ensure the ring matches my partner's lifestyle?
Consider their daily activities and choose a durable and comfortable metal setting.

What do you think I should know about ring settings?
The setting secures the gemstone and contributes to the ring's overall style and design.

Why is a certificate of authenticity necessary?
A certificate from a reputable lab ensures the quality and authenticity of the gemstone and the ring.

Can engagement rings be resized?
Most rings can be resized, but some materials like titanium and specific settings may limit this possibility.

How do I balance budget and quality when choosing a ring?
Set a realistic budget and prioritize elements like the gemstone's quality and the ring's craftsmanship.

What are some popular engagement ring styles?
Popular styles include solitaire, halo, three-stone, and vintage-inspired designs.

How do I choose a gemstone that reflects my partner's personality?
Consider their favorite colors, style, and any symbolic meanings they might appreciate in a gemstone.

Is it essential to consider the ring's maintenance?
Yes, some metals and settings require more care and maintenance than others.

Can I customize an engagement ring?
Many jewelers offer customization options to create a unique ring that reflects your partner's style.

What is the difference between natural and lab-created gemstones?
Lab-created gemstones are chemically identical to natural ones but are more affordable and environmentally friendly.

How do I choose a ring that will stand the test of time?
Look for timeless designs and high-quality materials to maintain their beauty over the years.

What do you think I should know about the gemstone's cut?
The cut affects the gemstone's brilliance and is crucial to its overall appearance.

Are there ethical considerations when buying an engagement ring?
Yes, consider sourcing ethically mined gemstones and choosing jewelers who adhere to ethical practices.

How do I balance tradition and modern trends in choosing a ring?
Please take a look at your partner's preferences and choose a ring that blends traditional elements with contemporary design.

What if my partner doesn't like the ring I choose?
Choose a jeweler with a good return or exchange policy, or consider shopping for the ring together.

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