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Build Your Digital Platform With The Help Of Pimcore

Build your Shopify digital platform with the help of infime.

Which type of data can be managed in Pimcore?

Product information is precious for the product-based industry as it has become one of the core components essential for the overall data management strategy. The different product end-users, like the consumers, stakeholders, etc., heavily depend on this information. One of the significant advantages of using the digital platform is that it helps create differentiated consumer experiences and provides accurate and consistent product information across different channels.  

Digitalization enables managing and streamlining the different aspects of product information essential for channel flexibility, global standardization, feasibility implementation across multiple touchpoints, etc.  

What is Pimcore? 

For implementing the Pimcore system for a business, it is first essential to understand its uses for Pimcore in business operations.

Pimcore is an open-source digital experience platform with built-in data management and experience management capabilities. The Pimcore development platform combines developers, a marketing team, and eCommerce. Pimcore enables easy product information management, multichannel publishing, and eCommerce solutions. Pimcore allows managing product information, updating, storing, sharing, publishing news, creating catalogs and price sheets, etc.  

The Pimcore platform helps enhance the quality of the product information reaching the end users, thus helping in improving the customer experience. The true and accurate product information reaching the end users helps build customer confidence and trust in the brand. Pimcore has the capabilities of innovation, scalability, speed, and freedom. Pimcore plays a significant role in developing the digital experience.  

What is Pimcore suitable for?  

The Pimcore platform plays a crucial role in achieving superior project results and boosting the time-to-market of new products. Moreover, the digital platform of Pimcore is more effective in consolidating multiple critical applications to speed up the work without compromising quality. Because of that, many digital agencies around the globe prefer Pimcore, which delivers faster and more effective results.  

Here are the lists of added advantages of implementing the Pimcore development services include: 

Manage Any Data: Pimcore is a single application that can be used for different types of digital data. It works efficiently on any data, more extensive size data, unstructured data like web content, structured data based on attributes, and digital assets like images, videos, audio files, etc. A single system can handle a variety of data with ease.  

Serve Any Industry: Pimcore helps the industry by serving its clients in different fields like manufacturing, retail, travel, etc. They use different models for handling the different data types, making them compatible with other industries.  

Manage Any Channel: Different channels have their set requirements, and implementing the Pimcore development system will help deliver the data to any channel, like commerce, web, print, digital signage, etc.  

Keep Developers Happy: Pimcore allows developers to use frameworks based on the latest technology. Pimcore supports the developers with APIs in conjunction with flexible software. 

Support Any Budget: The Pimcore development software is an open-source system and thus does not involve any cost for the installation, utilization, and other features. The enterprise-ready features are compatible with cloud deployment and on-premise settings.  

Enterprise Open Source: Pimcore development services support training, consultation, etc. 

Which type of data can be managed in Pimcore? 

Pimcore software is helpful for master data management. It enables the organization to handle and store any information related to the product, process, operations, customers, or any other details related to the corporate data. It helps in the management of all sorts of data structured and unstructured data.  

It allows for organizing the data based on different attributes like products, persons, categories, customers, news, blog entries, orders, and many more. Pimcore uses a user-friendly graphical user interface that effortlessly merges all details from different sources. Pimcore makes the product information market ready for publication across various channels. 

How Pimcore Helps You To Build Your Digital Platform?  

Pimcore offers a complete solution that enables a business to scale its digital platform quickly and efficiently. Various features and capabilities of Pimcore are helpful for companies in implementing and scaling their digital platform at a faster pace with enhanced efficiency. 

MICROSERVICES: Implementing the Pimcore system helps the organization to stay agile. It enables making the business future-proof by using the flexible microservice-based architecture. This system has n pre-built building blocks for data and experience management. Using these details, the team can easily create any custom architecture. It enables agile scaling and evolving the IT framework as required using a low-code approach. It allows for faster revenue generation. It helps in the quick implementation and improvement of an experience management system.  

API FIRST: Pimcore allows for building a firm foundation by using the customer-centric digital ecosystem. It incorporated the different touchpoints with ease. It enables the extraction, loading, and transformation of feeds from a remote location using comprehensive API endpoints. It allows an integration of the existing backend systems and third-party applications.  

CLOUD NATIVE: It is a scalable platform essential for on-premise deployment and global 24/7 access through the cloud. Using the on-premises deployment technique allows for keeping the data 100% private by hosting the Pimcore through the local servers behind a firewall. It also allows hybrid scenarios to sync data between private and public cloud infrastructure. Pimcore allows direct access through GitBit and Docker images for the other on-demand could host providers.  

HEADLESS: Pimcore follows the headless architecture, thus decoupling the customer touchpoints in the front end while the data is in the backend. It allows the evolution of various front-end types independently without affecting the content. This provides flexibility to the organization and freedom for creation and collaboration on the content. Pimcore allows for centralized storage of all the data. It provides consistent, accurate, real-time, and predictable details to online and offline output channels. Pimcore application is very flexible and can be easily used in the headless, monolithic, or decoupled style.  

OPEN SOURCE: The Pimcore application provides an open-source framework for developers. It also has the Pimcore enterprise edition in the Pimcore community edition that has a developed framework having a high degree of customizability. This is useful for satisfying the increasing needs of the different businesses based on their developers. This application uses the up-to-date technology stack, thus implementing sophisticated web applications faster. It allows grabbing the newer additional modules that help in boosting development time and global expansion. 

RAPID INNOVATION: The flexible architecture of Pimcore allows for leveraging the multitude of open-source innovations like the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It helps in easy and faster scaling and affordability. It will enable the business to start with a minimum viable product and then expand as per the flow of capital and the demands.  

SMART MARKETING CAMPAIGNS: Pimcore allows the generation of the customer data platform by aggregating and storing large amounts of customer data at a centralized location. It enables real-time and personalized journeys through a behavioral targeting engine and automated marketing solutions.  

HIGH-LEVEL FLEXIBILITY: Pimcore uses extensive and comprehensive APIs that allow for integrating Pimcore with complex IT systems like ERP, CRM, BI, etc. It is possible to modify Pimcore’s feature set and adapt it to the changing business needs. Pimcore provides flexibility that helps in reducing the time-to-market and also leads to decreasing deployment risks. 

WORKFLOW CREATION: Pimcore allows cross-team collaborations, thus helping optimize business processes and operations. It allows for flexible workflows, thus making the process faster and sharing the data across channels.  

Why Is Pimcore The Best Solution for Your Business? 

The Pimcore system helps handle product information management, data management, and experience management. Product details play a vital role in defining the customer experience. Customers rely on the product information made available on various channels. This product information should be accurate, trustworthy, and reliable as it helps the customer better connect with the product and prompts them to purchase. It enables the secured sharing of accurate real-time product information with all the end-users and leads to the growth and development of the business.  

For the growth and development of any business, the customer plays a crucial role. Pimcore has capabilities that allow for enhancing the customer experience. Pimcore, an open-source platform, helps the organization create and manage an improved digital experience. This software enables an effective landing page, website, product catalog, pricing sheet, etc. It allows for transforming ideas into solutions, thus providing flexibility for business development.   


Pimcore is an open-source platform designed specifically for businesses for easy control of their technological architecture. It helps in creating and managing the best digital experience. The platform offers easy management of product information, eCommerce solutions, and multichannel publishing. Also, it helps to generate price sheets and catalogs with the feature of web-to-print. It has a user-friendly GUI and provides support through short guides, video tutorials, whitepapers, etc. 

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