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Building Lasting Community: Introducing Yotpo Membership


We know that these times are uncertain and uncomfortable. More than anything, we want to support our customers and community in any way we can. That’s why we built Yotpo Membership, to help brands generate revenue, increase cash flow, and retain customers now, when it matters most. 

This feature has been on our roadmap for quite some time, but, with our community in mind during the time of Coronavirus, we’ve accelerated development and made the feature quick-to-launch so we can continue to support our customers as we weather the storm together. 
What is Yotpo Membership?
Think Amazon Prime membership model. Members pay a lump sum for a one-year membership, and in return, they get a multitude of benefits. For Amazon members, that means fast delivery, free streaming movies and music, and discounts on groceries. For your eCommerce brand’s members, the benefit possibilities are endless, but they might include exclusive member access to sales and discounts, VIP-only experiences …

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This article originally appeared in the Yotpo blog and has been published here with permission.

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