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Built with Purpose: How Hawke Is Designed to Help Your Business During A Global Crisis


The world can be unpredictable. As ominous as that sounds it’s those times when you have to face things that you weren’t prepared for that most tend to show our true colors.

It’s a simple test of your acumen for survival. Those who adapt survive and those who don’t perish. Adapting is often a forced response to circumstances outside of your control in order to regain control.

What This Means for Hawke

This is what Hawke Media was designed to do, it’s what we’ve done, and it’s what we’re helping over 400 companies–right at this moment–do in the wake of a global crisis that has left businesses all over the world facing a tough reality. We can monitor how marketing efforts and online advertising are affected in real-time globally because of our diverse clientele and apply that to any individual account.

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When COVID-19 or coronavirus struck, we needed to adapt. Event after the event began to get canceled, people were getting sick, and congregating in large groups became dangerous.

There was no room for hesitation or delay. Hawke acted swiftly to shift its operations to work remotely. Something we were prepared for because our team had the equipment, knowledge, and infrastructure already in place because we enable a flexible work environment. We even began planning our first remote event, Quarantine Conference.

All we need is an internet connection and our marketing toolbox to offer an exceptional level of output. All of our teams are still fully functional, remote, and accessible.

Having managed marketing efforts for over 2,000 brands, Hawke has the experience to know what works and what doesn’t. This, in addition to our unyielding commitment to being at the forefront of the industry, means that we’re always testing new approaches to give our clients an edge on the competition.

What This Means for Your Business

Most businesses will struggle for the simple fact that restrictions, closures, and public safety are more important than profits. However, that doesn’t mean you should close up shop and watch your dream fade.

You should fight. You should adapt.

Swiftly adjusting your business strategy to reach your customers where they are is crucial, and your customers can likely only be reached digitally. With so much more time spent at home, they’re on their devices looking for a safe place to interact with the outside world.

This is your entry point. This is where you have to be seen, where you have to start a conversation, where you have to build a community.

The majority of small businesses don’t expect to be able to survive more than three months during isolation and social distancing order, according to a survey of 1,500 small businesses conducted by Goldman Sachs.

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Source: Goldman Sachs

Few sectors were hit harder than hospitality:

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The data would make it seem like it’s time to tighten your purse strings to wait out the crisis. After all, the 2008 recession saw a 13% decrease in ad spending.

There’s always something you can do. Pivot and lean into a digital-first approach to let your customers know you’re there for them and offer a sense of stability.

If you’re a gym, offer digital workout sessions that members can follow along with from their homes. If you’re a restaurant, offer takeout and delivery through food delivery services, advertise, and if you’re in California you can even package cocktails and other alcoholic beverages along with meals.

People tend to be reactionary, but several studies have been done on scenarios a lot like the current coronavirus pandemic. Time and time again the data shows that continuing to market and advertise is ultimately a more successful approach, going back almost a century.

This is likely the most important time to advertise and continue marketing efforts, especially for the little guy. Here are a few reasons why:

  • There’s Less Noise: Fewer people are advertising, so it gives your brand the opportunity to get your message across to more potential customers and have it received more wholly.
  • Ads Cost Less: People are clicking on ads less frequently and the buying cycle has become longer because many delay purchasing.

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Source: Wordstream
  • If They Get to Know You, They Will Buy: People that see your ads and connect with them are more likely to buy from your brand post-crisis due to their exposure during.

This is a crucial time to gain brand awareness and potentially make a move on market share when it’s all said and done. Each crisis brings with it an opportunity if you can stabilize your business to be able to function through the crisis.

Here’s a helpful checklist on how to shore up your business to get through a crisis:

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Source: McKinsey & Company

Make the best decision for your company, your employees, and your vision by building something stronger during times of crisis. Don’t let the current state of the world blind you to the massive amount of opportunity to diversify your offerings and build something special.

This article originally appeared in the HawkeMedia blog and has been published here with permission.

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