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Business Strategies During the Holidays: 10 Key Points

A woman using a laptop for marketing.

Top 10 Holiday Business Marketing Strategies

Does your business rely heavily on the holiday period to make the most of its sales? Then you can’t afford to underperform with customers spending big this holiday season! According to the National Retail Federation, winter holiday retail sales brought in almost $900 billion of revenue. To get your share of that spending, try out these 10 amazing holiday marketing strategies!

1. Offer Free Shipping

If you are an online retailer, offering free shipping is one of the easiest ways to drive sales and give your customers value. According to FedEx, over 70% of customers want free shipping, and 9 out of 10 shoppers are motivated to make a purpose when they see shipping. To generate hype for your offer, place banners on your website, send marketing emails, and make posts on social media.

Before you offer this deal, make sure you run the numbers and figure out what your average shipping costs are. This might not be a viable option if you sell notably bulky items to an international customer base. Also, ensure this is an exclusive holiday deal, and you don’t just offer it year-round.

2. Connect With Your Loyal Customers

During the holiday period, too many businesses make the mistake of focusing on generating revenue from new clients. However, many businesses make the bulk of their money from a handful of customers who have been shopping with them for years. On average, repeat customers are responsible for ⅔’s of a business’ revenue.

To inspire your loyal customers to buy during the holidays, you can offer them an exclusive discount, invite them to an event, or send them a gift or personalized card. All these little things can show how much you care about your customers and result in them splurging a little extra this holiday season.

3. Ramp Up Your Social Media Marketing

If you are like most businesses, your social media approach could use some tweaking. An easy way to attract new customers during the holidays is to post more on social media. If you go from posting once every week on Facebook and Instagram to posting once a day, you will see a massive rise in the number of potential customers who view your content. 

Another easy trick is to post on additional social media platforms. Many businesses just focus on Facebook and Instagram, but TikTok and Twitter can also be excellent sources of customers. Even if your conversion rates don’t increase, you will win more companies just through greater exposure.

4. Make Sure the Website is Mobile Optimized

79% of US smartphone users have made an online purchase in the last 6 months. Mobile shopping is only becoming more popular thanks to the rise of smartphone use and sites becoming increasingly mobile-optimized.

Make your website to ensure that mobile users can effortlessly purchase from your site. This means that all pages should be easily readable on mobile, pictures should be clear, users can quickly navigate the different pages, the site should auto-adjust to fit the user’s screen, and your checkout cart should be mobile-friendly.

5. Email Marketing is Powerful

Email marketing has an ROI of $36 for every $1 spent. You can’t beat that kind of value. If you need help building up your leads list and executing an effective campaign, use SignalHire. This website has an extensive contacts database that you can filter according to your personal needs. 

Even though everybody’s inbox gets flooded during the holiday period with different companies offering deals, that doesn’t mean you avoid sending out your campaign. The cost of blasting out mass emails is minimal, and thanks to a different automation and design tools, it doesn’t take very long to create a professional campaign. Even if you generate a few sales from your email marketing, it is more than worth it!

6. Send Out Early Thank You Cards

Why not beat the crowd and ensure the first thank you card your customers open this year is from you? An early thank you card is a nice touch and will keep your company front and center when it is time for your customers to do their Christmas shopping! To make a big impact ensure you create a customized message and even include a little gift if you want to wow your customers.

7. Use Discount Codes

An easy way to tempt holiday shoppers is to create specific holiday discount codes. For example, you could create a code that entitles customers to a 15% discount on all goods when purchased before the 25th of December. 

Discount codes are a great way to convince customers who are a little price sensitive to hit the buy button. Also, by setting a specific endpoint for the sale, you create a sense of urgency that spurs customers into action.

8. Create Gift Suggestions

Finding superb holiday gifts for friends and family can be difficult and stressful! Why not help out your customers by showing them some fantastic gift suggestions? And of course, don’t forget to include some gifts from your own store!

You can share your gift suggestions on your website, social media, and via text message and email campaigns. Remember to include links in your suggestions so customers can buy in one click!

9. Offer Gift Wrapping

Not all of us are natural gift wrappers! To help your customers, provide them with amazing and custom gift-wrapping options. Let your customers pick their types of ribbon and wrapping paper. With this service, you can save your customers a lot of time and ensure that their gift looks the best sitting under the tree!

10. Use Video Marketing

Video often converts much better than images or text. To give your customers a real feel for your products, shoot unboxing videos of your products and film your staff using the product. You can also create other fun video content, such as vlogs showing how your products are made and a day in the life at your company.

Wrapping Up

The holiday season is a golden time to generate massive amounts of new business and reconnect with loyal customers. If you implement several of our marketing strategies, you will make this year’s holiday season one to remember! Please comment below on your most effective holiday marketing strategies and what you have planned for this year.

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