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The Importance of Call Tracking

arrows-1229848_1920One feature many companies overlook when launching an ad campaign is the use of call tracking. Call tracking uses the following attributes of a call to identify which ads or campaigns may have led to the call:

  • The number of the caller
  • The location of the caller
  • The duration and time of the call

When companies track this data, they can get a better understanding of their customer base, and the data can be used to improve the performance of future marketing campaigns. While similar data can also be found using a number of other tools, call tracking has proved to be a reliable an effective method of understanding the habits of one's customer base more thoroughly, and typically offers the best results. 

What exactly makes call tracking important?

When businesses utilize call tracking, they can obtain a host of useful information for bettering their future marketing campaign efforts, and they can understand what types of campaigns interest their customers.

Call tracking can be used to obtain data on the following types of advertising efforts:

  • Television marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Billboard marketing
  • Direct Mail marketing
  • Pay-per-click ads and campaigns
  • Print marketing

By using call tracking companies can understand which campaigns work best, and can therefore budget and plan accordingly.

Call tracking involves many different kinds of reports, but the most useful include:

  • The performance of any Pay-per-click landing page
  • How many sales are made by phone (conversion rates)
  • How much each lead ultimately costs
  • The number of calls received
  • Average duration of calls
  • Location of the caller and the time of day

When companies track the data above, they will understand their customer’s shopping habits more thoroughly, to which they can tailor themselves.

While it is known that call tracking has a number of valuable benefits, many companies are hesitant to implement it as part of their marketing strategy, as it takes a well-trained team to analyze the data properly. This is an obstacle every business has to overcome individually, and it’s better to have a well-trained team analyzing the call tracking data than using inaccurate data to form future marketing campaigns.

There are a number of low-cost and free call tracking services available. Google Adwords offers one of the most popular options, which happens to be free. Other companies like Bing and eBay also offer similar services, although many do come with a small fee.

Call tracking is overlooked by many new entrepreneurs, but there is no doubt that it can be highly useful in bettering marketing campaigns and making future advertisement efforts more highly effective. Used alongside other methods, call tracking can help any business or entrepreneur create better marketing strategies, which in turn will result in a larger customer base, as well as happier customers.

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