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CannaNest Recap: The Cannabiz Takes Over the Hawke Nest | Blog | Hawke Media


On January 23, 2020, Hawke Media hosted a unique event at our Los Angeles Headquarters. We invited some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry to explore, discuss, and forecast trends in the cannabis industry.

Cannabiz leaders, hopefuls, and enthusiasts came out in a massive show of support for our mission of building community. 

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Set to the backdrop of tunes from our host DJ Von Steele and DJ Trace//Retrace, the evening began with a foreword by one of California’s top cannabis lawyers and a bonafide legend in the industry, Bruce Margolin. As one of the preeminent experts in cannabis law, Bruce has been there through many pivotal moments in the lead-up to normalization and legalization.

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If you’re not already having a full-blown case of FOMO, we had pop-ups from a number of cannabiz vendors ranging from consumables to massages. There was even a fashion show where Mary Jane Runway ripped up the stage with their cannabis-inspired garb – figuratively speaking, of course. 

The events of the night really began to heat up when we started our deep dive into some pressing questions about the industry and where it was headed with our esteemed panel: Zack Johnson (Greenbox Robotics), Madison Fiore (Hawke Media), Kimberly Dillon (Plant & Prosper), and Harrison Baum (Daily High Club).

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Each panelist shared their journey to the cannabis industry, none of which were quite the same, but held the common theme of being passionate about an industry coming out of the shadows to build something special for others to enjoy.

And things truly reached a fever pitch for the night’s final installation, a fireside chat with Papa & Barkley CMO, Angelah Pih, a powerhouse marketer who solves problems and builds strong brands.

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Angela sat down with Stefan Kalczynski, Director of Client Strategy at Hawke Media to discuss how to tackle some of the largest issues facing cannabis brands like marketing your business, building a consistent user experience, and how Papa & Barkely partnered with Hawke to create a successful multifaceted marketing campaign that went far beyond digital.

This article originally appeared in the HawkeMedia blog and has been published here with permission.

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