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Case Study Of A Powerful Tool To Increase Audience Engagement

Clear and flexible web push services for ecommerce tablet marketing.

TheSender is a push notification platform that helps businesses of all sizes reach their audience and monetize their content. With a focus on personalized and targeted messaging, TheSender provides powerful tools to increase audience engagement and generate higher profits.


  • Global server coverage. Any number of subscribers from any GEO can be processed quickly by servers worldwide. As a result, you lower the costs and notify the subscribers with timely pushes.

  • Full functionality for free. Most services provide a feature-limited free version of their product or allow a few subscribers to try out the platform. We provide all the features from the get-go and have a relatively high cap of subscribers for free version users.

  • Flexible and rich monetization. Your database with subscribers can also help you earn more money by partnering with the biggest advertisers in the world. Opting for such partnerships enables you to use the rest of the services for free. You'll have a tool for communicating with your users that won't cost you anything but bring extra money instead. This is our hybrid format; you can learn more about it in this article.

  • Detailed targeting. When it comes to user targeting, the devil is in the details. We provide you with a wide range of targeting options like time, subscription age, GEO, browser, operating system, and platform to achieve your goals together.

  • Detailed statistics. Correct and precise data is required to determine which campaigns are effective and which should be adjusted or deleted. Using the data from our statistics, you can optimize your campaign using more than 12 parameters.

  • Quick installation. Installing two files to your account is all you need to use push notifications. Worry not; a “how to” instruction is included.

  • Your subscribers will always be with you. If you already have a subscriber database, you won't need to collect it again because we have a migration tool. You won't have to start everything over and give up on the fruits of your labor, as we can transfer them to our system.

Wanna more field-tested insights? Check out our recent case study on how TheSender can help you and your business.


With monthly traffic ranging from 500k to 3 million, Nicos Michaelides owns more than 170 sports broadcasting websites, e.g., https://fussballlivestreams.de/. His websites feature the broadcasts of specific clubs'. About 70% of the traffic is organic, with about 30% coming from direct links from betting sites. The open rate of the messages is 3%.

Nicos worked previously with another push notification provider, but the results weren't always satisfying. He was struggling to retain subscribers and generate consistent revenue. The monthly revenue with the previous provider was $1000-1500. 


TheSender's hybrid strategy involved sending direct push notifications to the subscribers and paid ads that were carefully targeted and personalized to each user's interests. Using this approach, TheSender kept the subscribers engaged and informed about the streaming service's offerings while generating additional revenue through paid ads.


  1. Average monthly revenue has grown up to $6000.

  2. Monetization has brought up to 70% more value.

  3. Everything has been working and making money automatically for over half a year.

To get all the details of Nicos' experiences, read the full article in our blog.

The success of this case study demonstrates the power of TheSender's personalized and targeted approach to push notifications, combined with effective monetization strategies.

Whether you're looking to promote and monetize a streaming service, newsletter, online shop, or another business, TheSender is the perfect platform to partner with. TheSender knows how to increase your profit and audience engagement with strong management support, optimization assistance, quick setup, complete automation of the processes, and narrow targeting.

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