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Championing Enterprise Growth Through WooCommerce And Open Source



Unlocking strategies to solve complex problems for enterprise clients is at the root of the most successful B2B companies. How to navigate the nuances of this relationship doesn’t come easy. Let’s explore some insights around how being open-minded and creative can help to overcome roadblocks you may encounter along the way.  

Since 2007, brands across the world have engaged Crowd Favorite to build and scale their digital initiatives with Open Source frameworks and Digital Strategy Services. With clients ranging from Mitsubishi Power to Providence Health & Services to Victaulic, global digital agency, Crowd Favorite, has prioritized leveraging SaaS and Open Source to offer their clients a useful strategy for their digital transformation journey. 

Open Source often begins as the hub from which brands want to begin their digital journey, but it took time for this movement to go mainstream, says Karim Marucchi, CEO and Co-Founder of Crowd Favorite in a recent Bold Commerce podcast. He was an early Open Source evangelist for more than a decade when he recognized the value and opportunities this open and decentralized software offered to the enterprise. 

Enterprise finds Open Source finds WordPress

Marucchi favors Open Source, pointing out a key advantage: “The possibilities are endless. Our team is able to create scalable solutions for our clients. As brands continue to grow, these solutions are able to adapt and grow with them.” 

At the core Open Source solutions provide brands with innovative solutions that can be customized to meet their specific needs. Digital agencies, like Crowd Favorite, have mastered solving business problems for their clients, through creative Open Source solutions. 

Crowd Favorite has been building their toolbox with enough digital solutions to attract clients, secure work, and bundle Open Source development into their deliverables since their doors opened. As the first WordPress digital agency, they understood the potential Open Source and WordPress offered to enterprise clients. 


During this time, more and more SaaS business shot up, creating both opportunities and drawbacks. While off the shelf SaaS solutions can be quick or easy to implement, they have great limitations when it comes to customization and scale. Enterprise clients wanted more out-of-the-box options to customize their assets. If they got stuck with one firm’s cradle-to-grave suite of software, they were beholden to whatever updates and new features were added in next year’s iterations.

With Open Source, businesses can accomplish a lot of tasks more quickly, and allow for business growth without limitations Marucchi says. Together, Open Source platforms and SaaS solutions can be stronger together. They invite collaboration and customization with a host of third-party vendors, such as Bold Commerce.

On scaling: let your business drive your tech stack

What he first tells clients who engage with Crowd Favorite is to think about their business goals and “then let’s talk about what’s the best for each one of those issues. We always look at your business goals first and then select a technology based on the needs of the business. We don’t try to take a square peg and fit it into a round hole.”

Discussing working with the enterprise in a recent fireside chat hosted by Bold Commerce, Marucchi also pointed out how Crowd Favorite helps clients visualize how Open Source can be at the core of solving their complex challenges. 

“Up until now everybody thought they have to lock away all of our data into different SaaS platforms, and they are not going to have any control over customization. We say think of Open Source or CMS as a hub with spokes out to the best-of-breed systems and solutions that are doing exactly what they need to do to make your digital platform work for you.”  

Shifting customer behavior from a SaaS model to Open Source: according to Red Hat, 90% of IT leaders surveyed use enterprise Open Source, and 79% expect their use of enterprise Open Source software for emerging technologies to increase over the next two years.

On enterprises seeking to be nimble as they overcome their complex problems, Marucchi says it all comes down to providing the right scaling solution. 

Crowd Favorite has been noticing how complexities start building around scaling and visitor volume. Citing one example of a commerce partner, he says, “It’s all about how many data paths are connected to your system and whether that system can handle the data. It is all about scale. WooCommerce was originally built for small and medium businesses and it didn’t scale at all. Now, with added customizations WooCommerce not only allows scalability, but it is a top pick for ecommerce brands. We have clients that are doing the same type of volume as giant companies with WooCommerce and Open Source solutions. It’s just a matter of getting the right strategy, the right digital partner, and then the technology that you need.”

Scale with ease on WooCommerce 

If you’re a high-volume WooCommerce brand looking to solve for unique business challenges, we have a solution. Bold Checkout lets you customize and optimize your WooCommerce checkout experience with the integrations you need. Skip the costly replatforming and elevate your checkout to drive more conversions with Bold. 

Elevate your checkout

This originally appeared on Bold Commerce and is made available here to educate and cast a wider net of discovery.
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