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Changes To Shopify’s 2023 Plan Pricing


When Shopify was started in 2006, it was a novel product with a novel idea: to provide the best commerce tools in the world to all merchants of all sizes, to make commerce better for everyone.

A lot has changed since then, but a few things haven't: why we do it and who we do it for. The price we charge for access to the best tools in commerce has remained largely unchanged for the last 12 years. Today, after much deliberation, we're announcing a change in favor of better serving our mission and our merchants: We are updating our pricing for Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plans: Our pricing page outlines the new prices.

Existing merchants won't see a price change for three months. The updated pricing is now in effect for new merchants, and they can explore Shopify and build their businesses for as little as $1 per month during their paid trial. Shopify is still the best value in commerce.

Switch from monthly to yearly terms to keep your current monthly price before new prices take effect on April 23, 2023.

A business built on change

Shopify, and the tools that we build, have always been driven by an insatiable desire to make more possible tomorrow than is imaginable today. Our mission is to enable more entrepreneurs and more kinds of businesses to build and create across all surfaces, all around the world.

We have continually raised the ceiling so that we outpace the impossible. And when we raise the ceiling we also raise the floor, so that merchants joining and using Shopify today have access to tools that we couldn't have dreamed of existing 16 years ago. We obsess over your success, and how to increase it by building more into our platform. Your success is our success.

chart showing shopify's evolution since 2010

A small change that enables big change

The idea behind the products we create has always been the same: we offer merchants the most powerful, innovative, and reliable tools in the industry at a price that's unmatched in the market. But what that means, and the resources required to live up to that promise, have changed dramatically since we started.

In order to not change the value of Shopify, we’ve had to change the price.

This change allows us to continue to solve some of the most difficult problems in the industry with the people that are best suited to solve them. It allows us to continue making more possible and empower more people to become entrepreneurs, and to do it at a pace that's necessary to make commerce better for everyone.

Above all else, it means that we don’t have to compromise. It allows our merchants to continue to exist in a world where their dreams for what their businesses can become never have to contend with what is possible.

We thank you for your support, now and always, in allowing us to continue doing what we do best for many more decades to come.

We’ll keep making Shopify the best platform to sell things anywhere your customer is and we’ll keep creating a culture of innovators and builders pushing forward the frontier of commerce. We’re not slowing down.

Visit your plan page to select yearly billing or make changes.

Kaz Nejatian is Shopify’s VP of Product and Chief Operating Officer. Kaz oversees a cross-functional team that develops and delivers tools for entrepreneurs to supercharge their growth on Shopify. These products give independent merchants access to commerce innovations that have historically only been available to big businesses.

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This originally appeared on Shopify and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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