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Channel-Centric Solutions Are Missing the Mark

channel centric solutions

We recently released a new whitepaper reviewing why channel-centric solutions are missing the mark for marketers wanting an omnichannel marketing strategy.  Channel-centric solutions solve for one specific channel, like email, SMS, or web. While they might seem like the answer, because they allow you to mix and match, they ultimately result in a huge data disparity and are often difficult to manage. 

Unified customer profile

Our newest whitepaper dives into why channel-centric solutions will not cut it for marketers trying to deliver a customer-centric experience.  Without a unified customer profile, creating consistent messaging across channels and understanding the impact of each channel on revenue become impossible.

Download our newest whitepaper today and learn how an Activated CDP can help your brand focus on what truly matters: The customer.  

Special thanks to our friends at Zaius for their insights on this topic.

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