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Charity Advertising Ideas You Need To Try In 2023

A man marketing a package in front of a gate.

Are you looking to connect with new audiences through charity advertising in 2023? Do you want to know how to overcome compassion fatigue and get people to act on your cause?

Don't worry; we've got you covered! Please look at our guide on the best advertising ideas for charities. Here you'll find critical learnings and techniques from working within the charity sector so that you can make the most out of your campaign. Let's get started!

Here are our top pick ideas you need to incorporate into your charity ad campaigns this year.

Take People Back to their Childhood

Don't Panic Creative Agency found that people are not receptive to guilt-inducing or preachy messaging. So, instead, they worked on a campaign for The Wildlife Trusts that tapped into beloved characters from childhood. They transported characters from the much-loved The Wind in the Willows to a dystopian 2019 to showcase what happens if we don't invest in nature's recovery. 

Here are some rules of thumb to follow:

  • Avoid messaging that guilt-trips. It gets people's backs up, and they don't want to be preached to.
  • Find ways to link your messaging to nostalgic moments that resonate with your primary audience.
  • If you incorporate characters, make sure you stay true to their brand. People will see through it if their favorite characters are different.

Watch the official trailer here…

Bring Relevancy to the Forefront

To ensure your charity advertising campaign resonates with its target audience in 2023, it's vital to consider relevancy. Tap into what's relevant and congruent with current discourse or cultural expression – this could include using humor to shift away from traditional ‘bleaker' ad formats. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Consider how the existing zeitgeist can inform your campaign.
  • Assess how other charities and causes talked about the issue before you.
  • Toolkit creative ideas that will allow conversations to develop around the reason.

For example, housing and homelessness charity Shelter produced satirical life hacks tapping into the cost of living crisis. This campaign highlights the absurdity of some of the advice in the public media when people are struggling to live in dire circumstances and find themselves homeless.

Don't Overlook Social 

Social media has revolutionized the way charities communicate with potential donors. It is one of the best digital marketing channels charities can use. Charities can make their campaigns far more effective and efficient by targeting key audiences on a limited budget. With social media, there are also opportunities to test campaigns before committing to more extensive spending mediums like TV or cinema.

For a successful charity advertising campaign in 2023, here are three tips:

  • Develop targeted campaigns focused on your desired audience – this will maximize reach and raise awareness of your charity.
  • Track and measure performance regularly to know what works best for each audience segment.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with different content types – e.g., videos, stories, or podcasts – as these can help you stand out from other campaigns.

Great Ormond Street Hospital used social media to hype Christmas by asking people to avoid listening to Wham's Last Christmas over Christmas. Those who failed were encouraged to donate to their fundraising appeal. 

Use a Strong Call To Action

A solid call to action is essential to any charity advertising campaign. It turns an awareness campaign into a successful one that can impact society. A call to action should provide tangible steps for the audience, such as signing a petition or contacting their local MP. This gives them more than just the satisfaction of a share or like and creates more significant engagement with your initiative.

For a successful charity advertising campaign in 2023, here are three tips:

  • Signature campaigns generate social proof and create enthusiasm among potential donors.
  • Consider using personalized video messages and interactive maps to give your audience an even deeper understanding of how their donations will be used.
  • Use storytelling tactics and case studies to connect your charity emotionally with potential donors.

Greenpeace's ‘Everything is NOT Awesome' campaign asked people to sign a petition calling LEGO to end its partnership with Shell to Save the Arctic. The fantastic result was that LEGO announced it would not renew its contract with Shell.

Target a Specific Audience

Targeting a specific audience is essential for creating successful charity campaigns in 2023. By understanding who your audience is and which channels they use, you can craft more targeted messaging that resonates with them emotionally. For example, investing time into understanding Gen Z's unique perspectives and interests can help create campaigns that connect with them.

This is what the National Citizen Service did with their Gen-Z myth-busting campaign.

For a successful charity advertising campaign in 2023, here are three tips:

  • Get to know your target audience by doing research through social listening and surveys.
  • Take the time to understand their emotion and values – these can reveal key motivations for getting involved with your cause.
  • Focus on creating content tailored to their specific needs – this will increase engagement significantly compared to generic messaging.

Be Bold

With campaigns becoming ever more competitive in 2023, boldness is essential to success. Following the same old formula and expecting different results is not good. You must grab the audience's attention with creative and thought-provoking content that will leave a lasting impression.

For a successful charity advertising campaign in 2023, here are three tips:

  • Take risks by daring – creativity is critical to standing out from competitors.
  • Research current trends and news stories – understanding the political, cultural, and economic climate allows fresh ideas that speak to people.
  • Don't be afraid to challenge existing wisdom or convention – taking calculated risks can pay off if done correctly!

How can you experiment with new ideas this year?

To make sure charity advertising campaigns are successful in 2023, it is essential to be bold and creative. Take risks, tap into current trends and news stories, create content catered to the audience's needs, and provide a compelling call to action. These techniques will help create campaigns that resonate with the audience emotionally and lead them to take action for a meaningful cause.

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Understanding The 4 Ps Of Marketing Through Digital Transformation

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Returning Customer Rate Now Measured By Repeat Customer Insights Automatically

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