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Checklist: Is SMS Marketing Right For My Brand?


Launching a new marketing channel can be overwhelming. Marketers already wear more hats than they can balance, and adding one more can seem overwhelming. But, if it’s a channel that fits right in with all your other marketing efforts, it just might be easier than you think.

To help you decide whether or not SMS is a valuable channel for your brand, we’ve put together a checklist. If you answer “yes” to any of the following statements, then we recommend you give SMS marketing a try.

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Email isn’t going anywhere (and we don’t want it to!), but using SMS alongside it can breathe new life into your email efforts and bolster your SMS channel from the get-go. Leverage them together (like this!) to drive better engagement with every message.
“SMS and email are two separate channels that complement each other. We look at email as the news story and SMS as the news bulletin, the headline.? …

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