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Citcon Takes The Complexity Out Of Payments For Ecommerce Growth



What’s the most important step of any ecommerce transaction? You guessed it, the payment!

Gone are the days of manually entering lengthy payment information to make a purchase online. Digital wallets, alternative payment methods, and cryptocurrencies are changing the payments landscape, with 7% of customers saying they’ve abandoned their cart because a retailer didn’t offer enough payment options. 

Connecting a global community

Ecommerce has created a global marketplace where merchants can sell products to customers anywhere in the world with a few clicks. However, handling regional payment methods, currencies, and payments is not always so simple. 

No merchant wants to lose sales because customers are unable to pay how, when, or with the method they want. Citcon understands this and has created an all-in-one payment solution that allows merchants to integrate 150+ payment methods, including Alipay, Wechat, PayPal Venmo, KaKao, PayPay and more. 

Citcon takes the complexity out of adding new payment methods by providing one easy integration for all payments—all in one single reconciliation. 

Simple, fast, and easy

Merchants are only required to complete a simple integration to begin accepting  any payment method in Citcon’s rapidly growing payment portfolio. As new payment methods become available, merchants can activate them and make them available to their customers with minimal effort. Multiple settlement options are available, and there is one reconciliation for all payments accepted. . 

Our mission is to build an open digital payment network infrastructure to enable merchants to accept payments from billions of fast-growing mobile and eWallet customers through online, in-store, omni, and app channels around the world.” – Wei Jiang, President & COO of Citcon 

Helping businesses achieve their goals

Citcon was designed to give merchants more time back so they can focus on what they do best while leaving payments to a dedicated solution provider. Here are four use cases demonstrating how Citcon can help merchants overcome business challenges and grow revenue. 

Selling to Asian customers living in North America

Challenge: There are millions of Asian immigrants and students living in North America with strong connections to their home countries, payment preferences, and purchasing habits. 

Solution: Citcon enables merchants to offer the payment methods preferred by Asian customers, and works with digital wallets to craft targeted messaging and offers to engage consumer segments through their platforms, improving the checkout experience. 

Reaching younger customer segments

Challenge: Younger generations may not have strong credit card scores and use credit cards less frequently. Instead, they tend to prefer buy now, pay later (BNPL) apps  and digital wallets with balances. 

Solution: Citcon enables merchants to offer payment options like BNPL, Crypto, and eWallets like Venmo andCash App in order to unlock new revenue streams with younger customer segments

Selling to Asian-Pacific (APAC) customers

Challenge: In APAC regions digital wallets are the predominant means of payment, as opposed to credit cards like Visa and Mastercard that are used mostly as alternative payment methods in those regions. 

Solution: Citcon worked with a fashion product marketplace to enable KaKao Pay on their site in addition to their existing credit card solution. They have integrated digital wallets in APAC across China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Malaysia. 

Selling to Latin American (LATAM) customers 

Challenge: In LATAM regions, a significant number of consumers don’t have access to banking systems, creating a challenge for ecommerce. 

Solution:  Citron recently worked with a top tier fashion retailer to enable LATAM wallets as they entered the Mexican market. They were able to offer OXXO Pay and other digital wallets in addition to credit cards and reach a wide spectrum of consumer segments

Bold + Citcon Integration

Citcon is now integratable with Bold’s Checkout Experience Suite, bringing value to customers through more payment methods and enabling merchants to offer a superior checkout and payment experience. 

Unlock new customer streams, reduce cart abandonment, and drive revenue and growth with this powerful integration. 

This originally appeared on Bold Commerce and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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