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Collect More Photo And Videos Reviews Than Ever Before


We’re excited to announce the upgrade of the industry’s leading and most efficient product review collection mechanism:

The Loox Review Form 

What does this mean? We turned the Loox review form into a true experience.

We interviewed merchants, dived deep into hundreds of millions of data points, and even built our own Shopify stores. All so you can be sure you get what you need to grow your brand: high-quality photo and video reviews from your customers.

Brands like BlendJet, Move, Jungalow and City Bonfire leverage the Loox review form to collect tens of thousands of visual reviews on auto-pilot. It works for you, not the other way around.

Built to outperform

Serving 100,000+ Shopify merchants and seven years of social proof marketing experience teaches us many things. But one really stood out:

If you want to grow your brand through your customer content, you need to put your customers first in everything you do. And we took care of that for you in the review collection and showcasing process. 

Submitting a review is a critical moment in the customer journey. It connects your customer with your brand, provides valuable marketing assets, and increases your sales.

Loox is proven to outperform other solutions:

@looxio over @GetOkendo

We tried Okendo for 90 days and got 2 reviews. We tried everything and their CX team couldn’t figure it out.

Went back to @looxio and we’re getting 3-4 reviews a day.

Not sure what happened but give LOOX a try. Plus it’s $39/mo vs Okendo at $299.

— Kevin (@kevinLcurry) December 31, 2022

Efficient for you, intuitive for shoppers

Balancing the needs of your business and your customers is a challenge. We tackled this challenge and built the upgrade on top of what we know works and combined this with the latest insights we received from merchants, shoppers, and industry experts.

Here’s what’s in it for you and your customers:

Slick animations & improved user experience

Leaving amazing reviews is a happy moment. Our newly added animations leverage these and keep your customers engaged throughout the whole review submission process. From the first moment of interaction on the star-icons to the celebration of the review submission through animated confetti.

Single-click color adaption & corner radius customization

In a matter of seconds, you can turn your review form into an experience that matches your brand’s look and feel. It looks so native that your customers won’t even notice you’re using an app to collect reviews.

Mobile-first & desktop also first

We prioritized a review submission experience that works seamlessly on every device. You receive the most possible number of reviews and your customers will have an intuitive experience no matter their device. It’s a true win-win situation.

Reviews that turn into sales

We built and designed the upgrade not just to help you collect more photo and video reviews, but also to increase your sales and turn one-time customers into loyal fans.

With Loox, you can incentivize happy customers to leave a review by offering coupon codes for their next purchase. It’s a simple and very effective trade that helps you build and grow your brand through social proof marketing.

In total, our customers earned more than $440,000,000 USD in Loox-driven sales last year.

Now you!

Try how it feels for your customers

Since the review form upgrade is a post-purchase experience, we understand that you want to see and feel how your customers will interact with it. (And, of course, you want to see if we can keep up with our words).

That’s why we built out the experience for you to test, so you can walk some miles in your customer’s shoes. Click on the image below to start. There’s no need to install Loox on your store for this step:

Can you see your customers leaving five-star reviews already?

Well, it’s time to take the next step: Install Loox on your Shopify store.

Get started for free.

Tim Kock

Tim has a puppy called Rosa. (He also does marketing at Loox).

Special thanks to our friends at Loox for their insights on this topic.
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