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Community Connect: February 24’ Recap

Community Connect: February 24’ Recap



February was an exciting month with Shopify Editions, informative webinars, and more! Find out everything you'll want to know in our February newsletter.


Shopify Community AMA

Being an early adopter gives your business a competitive edge. Have you explored the new features released on Shopify Editions Winter 24’, like Shopify Subscriptions, One-Page Checkout, or Web Performance Dashboard, just to name a few? We’ve got you covered. Our Ask Me Anything (AMA) webinar series guide you through on how to best use these merchant-centric features to grow your business.




A customized storefront benefits a distinctive brand identify and tailored user experience based on your industry. When it comes to theme customization, you’ve trusted professional and followed their advice to ensure smooth operations. Now, if you want to put on your learner’s hat and perhaps dive into the world of themes, create a copy of your preferred theme and follow our video tutorials down below!



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Contributor Leaderboard



Let's come together to applaud our most active members. During the past month, they’ve devoted their time to offering valuable answers to member inquiries. Their dedication and efforts are truly valued by our community!






Building a community is essential for mutual business growth. We always want to spotlight the exceptional support from our enthusiastic members, who consistently extend their helping hand!








Featured Blogs




English Blog

Considering starting your own business selling creative designs printed on apparels, like t-shirts, mugs, or phone cases? If so, you may want to learn more about Print-on-Demand which can be a neat idea. To discover this flexible and exciting business models, check out this blog from @Imogen





Global blogs

Did you know?  



  • You can personalize your store design with well-crafted ready-to-use code snippets — just copy and paste!


  • Speaking of customizations, you can run a health checkup on your theme code by using Chrome Developer Console. 


  • Even as the end-of-year shopping frenzy winds down, effective marketing strategies can keep your sales strong. 


  • Wondering about the in’s and out’s of transferring a development store to your client when it’s ready to launch? 


Dive into our multilingual blog articles to gain insights into the above topics! The regional topics may spark more ideas to the global market.


  • Big Brother Is Watching: Customer Privacy! How? What? Why? (Dutch)


  • A Must-Read For Those New To Shopify! The Complete Collection Of Chinese Video Tutorials Is Now Online! (Simplified Chinese)


  • How To Use The Chrome Developer Console To Run A Health Check On Your Theme! (German)



  • Partner Support: Store migration method and precautions (Japanese)


  • Interview With Veronica Lemcoff Of Bahia Designs (Spanish)


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This article originally appeared on Shopify and is available here for further discovery.
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How Aussie-Made Brand Hey Zomi’s Co-Founder Got Half Her Day Back By Handing Off Fulfillment To ShipBob 

Conversational AI In ECommerce: How It’s Transforming The Industry As We Know It

Conversational AI In ECommerce: How It’s Transforming The Industry As We Know It

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