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Competitor Product Performance: 7 Review-Grounded Metrics To Track


When it comes to UGC, there are a lot of industry benchmarks out there — from what’s considered an ideal star rating to the number of reviews customers expect to see (in fact, we extensively cover those benchmarks here).

Knowing the industry benchmarks is an essential first step. To take your UGC strategy even further, however, you need insights into your particular niche. What other brands are your customers considering? How do consumers feel about their products in comparison to yours? Do your competitors have more reviews than you, or higher ratings?

To boil it down: how exactly do you compare on the digital shelf – be this on search engines, retail channels and so on – to your competitors?

Having the answers to these questions — and taking action on them — is the only way to truly stand out. Fortunately, customer product reviews contain the information to help you find these answers.

Read on as we share seven key metrics to watch to better understand your competitor’s product performance and brand health.

Special thanks to our friends at PowerReviews for their insights on this topic.
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