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Consumer Shopping Behavior Shifts Again As Pandemic Wanes


With quarantine restrictions easing in the US, Americans are ready to make up for time lost to the pandemic. And as we found in a May 2021 survey of 1000 consumers, that goes for retail especially, with 79% of Americans saying they are now planning to shop more in the coming months.

Those weren’t the only surprising insights we discovered. We also took a look at how consumers plan to shop, what kind of relationships they prefer to have with their favorite brands, and which pandemic behaviors may become permanent.

Despite the perception that most customers will soon rush out to malls and physical stores, not everyone will be shopping in person when they begin their post-pandemic sprees. Owing to new habits forged during the pandemic, only 10% of consumers plan to primarily shop at physical stores, while 37% say they are going to stick to shopping mostly online. Slightly more than half (53%) plan to do a mix of in-store and online shopping over the next year.

With 90% of shopp …

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