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Content-Driven Buying Journey To Educate And Support Prospects


Pathmonk Presents Podcast is a space for business owners and marketers to share insights on digital growth. We were invited to discuss the content-driven buying journey, loyalty strategies and how they work.

Fiona Stevens, head of marketing at LoyaltyLion, discusses digital growth, inbound marketing and her journey in the ecommerce industry. She also highlights how LoyaltyLion uses content to acquire new clients through educational, appropriate and engaging material.

But why is content so crucial to increase the customer lifetime value?

A content-driven buying journey can be crucial to fully support a prospect’s journey. A relevant and engaging content can encourage a final purchase of the buyer’s journey.

Fiona also shares what is a loyalty program and how it could give your brand an advantage. Find below other key topics from the podcast episode:

  • at what stage of your business should you start thinking about loyalty;
  • how to use loyalty program as a tool to increase customer lifetime value;
  • why business should optimise their websites and homepages;
  • how content marketing and loyalty work together;
  • different types of content and why is personalization the key;
  • how LoyaltyLion work as a business and what we offer;
  • what are the challanges to conversation rate optimization and how to solve them.

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

Special thanks to our friends at LoyaltyLion for their insights on this topic.
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